“We have to move forward without Messi” says Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas
Cesc Fabregas recognizes that wherever he plays for Barca is ok but he’s most comfortable in the midfield. The former Arsenal FC star, besides occupying Messi’s place, he’ll be playing as a false number 9: “If I play I’ll be given more responsibility going forward. Wherever I play, the important thing is that the team wins”.

Cesc recalled that Barcelona, who lost last season in Glasgow, has learned the lesson: “We learned our lesson. It was a game with a lot of possession and few occasions for goal although on two counts, they scored two against us. We have to attack and not concede any free kicks or corners. They are very strong at home.”

The midfielder expects a similar game and says it will be similar. He said that whatever Celtic play like, playing in their stadium is a strange experience. “When you come here, you expect a very difficult game. Every corner is half a goal. There is a lot of pressure in the stadium, but we can stand it,” said Fabregas.

Fabregas also sees Neymar mentally prepared and says that without Leo, he has to be one of the players that most unbalance his rivals.

The Catalan also spoke about his situation within the team: “I feel good, I know what the coach wants and what I can contribute. The squad’s excellent and I try to contribute the maximum and improve my qualities. If all goes well I will try to gain more prominence within the team, and more within the next few years. ”

Speaking about Neymar he said that he was a star, but is still in training. He’ll have much to say in the future and everything depends on him. He’s come here to learn, to fight and to grow as a player.

Cesc also mentioned the new coach, Tata Martino: “He’s very hardworking, consistent and knows a lot about football. He explains himself very well and is kind. We all have clear ideas of how we want to play with him.

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