Barca is in a transition period says Dani Alves

“It is not that different from what we were doing before, but we are introducing new things to counter some rivals who close off at the back and we alternate the idea to get more goal scoring chances,” he said. “We know we still have things to work on like coordinating the team when we pressure the opposition,” he said.

The Brazilian admitted that the first half against Ajax was not good. “I think in the first half we should have been more intelligent. If you cannot pressure the other side fully, maybe we have to take a step back and organise ourselves better, because we had many spaces left behind and they were able to hurt us. In the second half, we spoke about it and did much better,” he said.

Alves spoke of the performances of Messi, Neymar and Valdes. “They are players that help us a lot. They are the best and that’s why they are at Barca. They are different from the rest. When they are needed, they always come through,” said Alves.

“Neymar is a very easy-going guy. He is humble despite being one of the best. He’s a guy who has come to learn and try to be better, both professionally and personally. It only becomes difficult when someone comes thinking he already knows everything, but he did not come with this attitude,” added Dani Alves.

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