It’s a difficult group says Leo Messi

champions league draw

Barcelona striker Lionel Messi, said after the draw for the group stages of the Champions League, that his group, made up of A.C Milan, Ajax and Celtic “was a difficult one”, although Barca know the teams well.

“There are never easy groups in the Champions League. We know Milan well and played against Celtic last season. Ajax is a team with a long history in Europe,” said the Argentine.

“They are a difficult team, as always. Teams have been paired up that are evenly matched and there are going to be some great games to watch. We are teams that already know each other and it’s a tough group,” he said at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco.

Messi also highlighted the Catalan giants last season and said that “it ended up being good” because in the end Barca managed to win the League ahead of main rivals Real Madrid.

“We won a major title last year. We ended up losing in the Champions League against Bayern Munich, who were better than us. Hopefully we can win some more titles this year,” added the Argentine.

“Our goal is to win everything for what this club means and stands for. We know that each year it gets harder because the rest of the teams also bring in new players to strengthen their squads to be able to compete, but we are prepared for that, too,” he concluded.

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    Valora en “Teams are very even and well-matched, there are going to be some great matches played,” said Messi. Argentine Messi believes Barca should win all their games because of what it means and what the club stands for.More on Mess…