Alexis Sánchez lays down gauntlet to Pedro for first team place

Alexis Sanchez looks ready in his third season with Barca to earn a permanent place in the first team and it’s about time. After reaching an acceptable level in the final stretch of last season, except for the tie against Bayern, the Chilean’s season is continuing where it left off.

So much so that two days before the first league match on Sunday at the Nou Camp, Alexis is a serious contender to be announced by the great Manel Vich in the starting lineup. He’s going head to head with Pedro for a place, who has also just completed a superb preseason coming second top scorer behind Messi in just two games.

Both players are likely to be chosen by Tata Martino. Pedro has the extra benefit of having worked under the Argentine coach the past few days after having been excluded from Vicente del Bosque’s Spain squad after suffering some discomfort. Alexis, on the other hand, was superb for Chile against Iraq, although the team from the Middle East wasn’t exactly a force to be reckoned with.

Martino has two irreplaceable players up front: Messi in the middle, with total freedom of movement, and Neymar who can break through on the left. The third position will go to either Pedro or Alexis.

Both stars have contributed in past games with their great ability to put pressure on rivals, a factor that Martino values highly. While Pedro has a greater variety of movement to link up with fellow teammates, Alexis can cause defenses to become unbalanced.

In the recent pre-season tour, Pedro gained some advantage over Alexis, who had a less than brilliant performance than in previous friendlies. The Chilean has had ups and downs in his first two seasons, scattered with some bad performances. Pedro, on the other hand, was one of Guardiola’s key pieces in his team.

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  1. While I like Pedro, it is honest to say that he also had a marginal 12/13 season, so did the entire team; when a team plays without a coach, it’s hard to be at your best; Tito is a wonderful man, but was a marginal coach. Under Tito’s watch, great players like Villa, Pedro, Fabergas and Song had a shaky season, and I’m still wondering how and why Barcelona sold Thiago Alcantara for 40 cents on a dollar to no other than Tito’s partner for years, Pep. Was Tito unaware that unless Thiago was given playing time his transfer fee will be reduced? Or he knew but… Whether Sanchez or Pedro are named I think Barcelona will still be very competitive and hard to beat

  2. Ashimi Mudashiru says

    I will continue to say my words, Barcelona need to adjust a little more in defences or else something terrible will still happen, Pedro and Sanchez will compete with each other and am really sure of anyone of them will enter first X1. Central defender is what Barca need now now now

  3. Both guys are good they are good players

  4. Maurice Dube says

    Martino ‘s first disappointment is I am happy in defense . 7-0 defense. A disgrace. We support must no be frustrated this far. The barca mgt in particular the former goal keeper must not think the world is stupid except themselves . Who doesn’t know barca ‘ s poor defense. We can’t accept again being beated 3-0 at noucamp by bayern and Madrid. We loved those defeats hoping they will finally make the mgt of barca see light. Now you are back at it. This is arrogance at highest level. Why should strikers be strained this far. Having to score five goal to win 5-4 against lowly deportivo .


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    Valora en Alexis Sánchez has well and truly laid down the gauntlet to Pedro for a place in Barca’s starting lineup. After proving himself in the final stretch of last season, except for the tie against Bayern, the Chilean’s season i…