Barca to face 5 games and 1 title over 2 weeks

Tata Martino and Barca have now run out of pre-season trials. Everything that happens from now on happens without the possibility of amendment. The Catalan giants debut in Sunday’s league match against Levante at the Nou Camp with a forecast of overwhelming favoritism. This is it, the league will start this weekend for Barcelona and there’s no looking back.

Barcelona are the current champions and everything other than a win on Sunday will be a big let down. However, after the relatively easy start, Barca then face four very tough matches: a trip to Malaga and Valencia for the league sandwiched between a Super Cup game against Atletico Madrid over two legs which all takes place over 15 days. A challenge from which the new Barca coach needs to emerge unscathed if he want to start the new season and his new project off right.

One of the questions that the Barcelona fans are asking, as they don’t really know what kind of coach Martino is, is how the Argentine will face this kind of accumulation of games in such a short period of time.

One of his options is to rely on a more or less fixed first team, which is hierarchical to ensure a series of victories to consolidate a team that needs confidence to start the season off right. Firstly, because the team has endured a few shocks over the past months and is fragile, and secondly, because when a new coach starts at a new club, he usually puts results ahead of play quality to ensure the team’s confidence.

Another option is to act with more courage and start the season with squad rotations so that the team does not suffer from tiredness that they will pay later in the season for. Above all, this is so that the whole squad feels part of a group with the same idea without the marginalization of players, which only serves to create a first and second-class atmosphere in the dressing room.

Therefore, a strong start to the league is more important than it seems. The distance between Barcelona and Madrid from the rest of their adversaries is becoming more and more pronounced, and this was clearly seen last season: Real Madrid started the season off still sleepy from the pre-season by losing a few key games which they never fully recovered from. Barca, on the other hand, got off to a tremendous start that held them in good stead for the rest of the season.

Ancelotti’s men on the other hand, who are now rid of Mourinho and his excess baggage, will focus on the League for the moment because as they didn’t win any titles last year, won’t have to dispute the Spanish Super Cup.

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  1. Ashimi Mudashiru says

    We fans are waiting for the league to start, if Martino can take the headache by not signing players then we all will see, everybody in the world have seen how Barcelona need to sign central defender and right full back because Dani Alves has turned himself to winger now but all the same let the show start first

  2. We fans all we need to see is a good result under Tata in his first season at barca.N bring us all the best quality players especially central deffence that will help Alba at the back thats all we need to see this season.May God help barca in Jesus name Amen.

  3. Clever T says

    God Bless Barca
    4-0 score on Sunday

  4. festus igwe says

    Pls mr andoni zubizareta, try everything in your power to sign in a centre back be it – david luiz, mangala, agger, otamendi or vergini….. Up CATALAN………………… UP BARCELONA……………………… THANKS

  5. Barcelona are now begin with new seanson and new style and i wish them best luck…up barca.

  6. am so disappointed with many of you barca fans who always pick on alves alone when he and alba both have a tendency of surging foward.though to some extent alves was a little bit poor tracking back,he his far much better than alba defensively.look at how alba struggled against just the simple moura he was always beaten on one on one encounters.or watch how he struggled against robben or even how he suffers against ozil.matches finishes without him making coming out on top in these situations.on the other hand its rare that a brilliant striker like cr7 will dribble past alves,or maybe if you should watch the barca v psg game again to see that alves was the only defender that could mark ibra or otherwise he could shoot at goal every chance he had only that his shooting was poor that day. i think alves plays this way because coaches ask him to do that coz he linkup so beautifully with messi. another factor you do overlook.however i would like the coaches to tell our defenders to concentrate on defending thats in our when we ‘ll see who the liabilities in our defense are.

  7. Let’s wait and see what will happen – Up BARCA


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