Jonathan Dos Santos would have left Barca under Vilanova

Jonathan Dos Santos has acknowledged in a press conference today something that a lot of people knew about but hadn’t heard it officially from the player’s own mouth.

Barca’s Mexican midfielder admitted: “If Tito Vilanova had continued as coach, he would have been on the verge of leaving because a deal with Real Sociedad was almost made”.

In this regard, the young player acknowledged that the arrival of ‘Tata’ Martino “was key.” “Last year was not a lost season for me, but it was not easy either”.

Talking about Barca’s new Argentine coach, Dos Santos pointed out that: “Tata told me he trusted me. I know that nobody will be gifting me anything but my dream is to play for Barca”. “Tata is a friendly coach and he’s making us do a lot of intense training.”

Dos Santos also spoke about his relationship with Thiago Alcantara, with which he shares a great friendship and who went to Bayern Munich this summer: “I hated him leaving the club because he’s my friend, but it is a personal decision”. “He’s a great player and will make it anywhere.”

Regarding the words of Dani Alves, in which he criticised the club for letting Eric Abidal go, he said: “Abidal is my friend, a great player and a great person, but I don’t want to get mixed up in these matters.”

Regarding his future in the Mexican national side, Jonathan Dos Santos acknowledged that “to play for Mexico, I have to be able to play and I have to prove myself. My wish is to be able to wear the shirt for my country once again”.

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