Carles Puyol back in training with good vibes

Carles Puyol is a fighter and is fighting against all those who give him up for dead as he is as determined as ever to be an important piece of Gerardo Martino’s team. 35 years old and a history of injuries that has worsened in the past two seasons, it has become fashionable predicting that the captain is finished, but Puyol doesn’t give in that easily.

Yesterday, at the club’s training ground, the day after Tata Martino told President Rosell that if it depended on him, he wouldn’t sign anybody, taking into account what he already has in the squad, the long-haired captain made an appearance fuelling hopes of his return thus adding weight to the new coach’s arguments. “The doctors tell me that Puyol will return to the squad well,” repeated the Argentine.  And Carles Puyol was not denying it.

Puyol appeared with Juanjo Brau, physiotherapist and friend, and he performed strength and resistance tasks to which his right knee responded very well. The session ended so well Puyol was prompted to speak about his injury on the social networks, almost two months after surgery to remove a Baker’s cyst. “Back to work on the training field and a good feeling! More tomorrow. Hugs,” he said on Facebook. “Very happy to be back training in the field. Every day a step further,” he added on Twitter.

The photographs submitted by the club (it was a closed training session) served to ratify Puyol’s messages who was happy to the point of making a victory gesture to the camera lens that captured the session. More pleased than Puyol will surely be Gerardo Martino, who based some of his confidence in his new project with Carles Puyol as a key piece of the Barca squad.

Back in a month

With the captain’s almost legendary ability to reappear on the pitch before the experts predict, are now a thing of the past. Carles Puyol’s age and a few bad experiences have made him see, at last, that the best favour he can do for himself and the team is to come back only when he’s really one hundred percent fit, and not before. This is crucial and the captain knows it.

Therefore, the date chosen for his return is, if there are no unforeseen circumstances, the weekend of 14th and 15th  September, coinciding with the fourth game of the season which Barca will face against Sevilla at the Nou Camp.

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  1. Ubolikeme says

    captain Puyol, welcome back! You are a leader with good quality


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    Valora en Barca captain Carles Puyol trotted out onto the grass at the club’s training ground and came away from a session with a smile on his face. He’s back training and feeling good and his reappearance is penciled in for the weeken…