Martino to wait for Puyol and Barca may not sign new defender

Barca coach Tata Martino is counting on central defender Carles Puyol as the missing link in the club’s defense. The new coach expects the return of the FC Barcelona captain around mid September.

The club’s technical staff has not yet found a player that fits in with the profile that Barca is looking for and the Catalan club now faces the crude possibility that nobody will arrive before the end of the summer transfer window.

President Sandro Rosell has promised a new defender by the end of August but many obstacles have been place in the club’s way, which is making the signing of a new central defender nearly impossible.

The first option, Thiago Silva, was given the kibosh by the refusal of French outfit Paris Saint-Germain’s refusal to negotiate with FC Barcelona.

The club then focused their attention on two more possibilities for the reinforcement of the defense in the shape of Chelsea’s David Luiz and Liverpool’s Daniel Agger, which opened up two separate negotiations.

However, the high price of the Brazilian along with some doubts about the Danish international looks like putting an end to any possible transfer deal for either player this transfer window.

Despite this setback, FC Barcelona are continuing to negotiate in London over the opportunity of bringing the Brazil international to the Nou Camp, with the option of the Liverpool player still closely monitored.

Should Barca insist on a new central defender or should they wait until Carles Puyol is fully fit in September?

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  1. Barca can’t wait for puyol,a central defender is a must for barca this summer or else what they will suffer this season will be worse than last season. Last season barca’s defence was left open and they can’t afford any blow in the defence this season,even if it’s outside europe. Barca should sign one or two.

  2. Igwe penza lotanna says

    Chelsea ar showing dat they ar sturbon why cant them sale luiz to barca 4 dat amount £35m they must be mad ndi balo

  3. Bernard Adaramola says

    To wait for Puyol will be dangerous. He has contributed tremendously to Barca defense in the past. But now he is old and injured, no more effective which shows clearly in Barca – AC Millan EUFA CL and Madrid games. Please get CB -Santiago Vergini and forget all this chasing shadows of David Luiz, Company, Agger, etc.

  4. Barcelona should buy one good center bak like luiz and pouyal cant pleaye for barcelon farzad helmand AFGHANISTAN

  5. We need. A new CB because even if we wait for puyol don’t you realize the fact that puyol is old and as looses is form… We need another CB and when I mean CB I mean a CB with height that can compete in the air shape and a CB with a Good interception… We need luiz or agger or hummel or ogbonna in roma please.

  6. Barca should go for the in demand Belgian CB’s like Vertonghen (Spurs) or Vermaelen (Arsenal). They are both very good passers, good in comming out of the defense and are good in the air. Vermaelen should come cheap since he fell out of grace with Wenger.
    Do something Barca!

  7. Barce should sign another diffender becouse puyor has been week


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