Messi and Neymar on same pitch for Joan Gamper Trophy

They’ve been together for just four days now, since last Sunday in fact, when Leo Messi welcomed Neymar da Silva at Barca’s training ground just outside the city.

On Tuesday morning they were spotted playing a board game on the plane, which took them to Poland for the friendly between Lechia and Barca. And at the Gdansk Stadium, we observed something even more curious.

Even though the two players have been talking about each other at the many press conferences around the world, what didn’t fail to surprise us was the friendly kiss Neymar gave Messi just before playing against Lechia.

This is what has happened so far between the two in four short days. What hasn’t been seen yet is really important and it’s what all the Barca fans are looking forward to witnessing: seeing them play football together.

The privilege of seeing these two stars together for the first time has been reserved for the 47th edition of the Joan Gamper Trophy, which in previous summers had been losing its charm for various reasons.

Last year’s Joan Gamper Trophy was no exception, but the game tomorrow promises to be one of the best editions for a long while.

The match kicks-off tomorrow night at 21:30 and it’s when the Barca fans get to see the dynamic duo of Neymar-Messi in action together for the first time against the Brazilian’s old club, Santos.

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  1. we are looking forward for day to come

  2. I hope to here from you soon

  3. david ngwu says

    I wil love 2 c messi and neymar play alongside 4 the first time.

  4. Ibn Kareem says

    Messi is a great player as well as Neymar. A team cnt build team around two players, the team has been build around Messi. I beliv Neymar is aware of that. He should respect that philosophy and blend wit Messi. His time is at d corner waiting for him. I see nothing wrong wit the pairing.

  5. Is nice to see the two playing.

  6. Ezema anezi says

    I ll lov 2 sea them playing.

  7. adeyemo tunde says

    Tmr is just like a year to me pls i cann’t wait to see two elevants on the pitch,how it will be if i ve privillege to watch them live?but my eyes shall see most and excel players on the planet playing together,i love u guyz

  8. Tijjani A. Musa says

    I Love BARCA TILL..!

  9. I like both of them to play together

  10. Abdulrasaq says

    The match is going to be fantastic…i think it is 8.30pm Nig time..Barça 4 life

  11. It will be make sense to see neymer & messi on the pitch playing football together, I personally inpress about it, I love Messi & Neymar ride on my stars

  12. nelson Gamah says

    That’s wonderful to see, success !!!

  13. Umar ibrahim..maldinee.rafin guza says

    I dnt thnk neymar nd messi wll offer alot 2 barca