Fabregás silence fuels Manchester United hope

Barca midfielder Cesc Fabregás returned to training yesterday for the Catalan giants after a well-deserved vacation. Since the Confederations Cup, in which Spain were beaten by Brazil, rumours about the departure of the Barca and Spanish international to Manchester United have been spread almost on a daily basis by the tabloids.

One of the reasons for the rumours is the fact that Fabregás is keeping silent over his immediate future with the club and until Fabregás makes known his plans in public and says that he will not leave the Catalans, the Old Trafford giants will keep on persisting.

Manchester United have Cesc Fabregás in their cross hairs and have made two offers for the midfielder, which were rejected by Barca. New manager Tata Martino, along with Barca president Sandro Rosell, ruled out any possible transfer of Fabregás during the manager’s presentation last Friday.

The obvious question everyone is asking is this: if FC Barcelona have categorically stated that Cesc Fabregás is not leaving the club, why does Manchester United keep on pressing? Surely Manchester United would have given up all hope for Cesc if that were the case. It appears now that Barca’s offices are beginning to suspect something is not quite right.

The problem lies in that Cesc will continue to play second fiddle to Xavi and Iniesta as long as Barca still count on them. Barca spawn more midfielders than any other position and that is why young Thiago Alcántara has had to leave the club.

United is like a stick in the mud and keep insisting on the player despite the Catalan giants standing firm on the issue. This saga is reminiscent of what happened when Fabregás left Arsenal FC for Barca. Barca reportedly insisted that the player go on strike and force the Gunners to sell him.

If Cesc were to leave for United, he would link up with Robin Van Persie who also left the Gunners for the Red Devils. Manchester United do not appear to be throwing in the towel anytime soon, either. Everyone at the Catalan club is waiting for Cesc to come out and declare that he is staying at the boyhood club of his dreams.

Until Cesc pacifies the fans and the board, Barca will be nervous and on edge as United’s persistence is getting to them I fear.

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