Neymar won’t have any problems adapting says Leo Messi

Barca number 10 Leo Messi was analyzing his club at a press conference yesterday. The Argentine spoke about the arrival of Neymar at Barcelona: “He’s a great player and will have no trouble adapting. He won’t have any problems off the pitch either, he’s a great kid.”

Messi also took time to assess the signing of fellow strike partner, Neymar: “He’ll give a lot to the team. He can unbalance players in a one on one. He’s going to make a difference. The press are the only ones that are saying we will not get along.”

On the Guardiola-Tito affair, the Argentine declined to comment and said that “it is something between them and there’s no need to get involved. They have both said their pieces and left it all clear.”

Leo Messi also had time to referr to his trouble with the Spanish tax authorities: “I’m very calm. We have our consultants who handle these things and we trust them. We trust they sort it out. I don’t understand any of this and that’s why we have lawyers.”

Speaking about Barcelona’s rivals in the Champions League, Messi thinks that Bayern Munich will be one of the strongest and in La Liga, it will be Real Madrid: “Bayern are a great team. They won the Champions League this year and with the arrival of Guardiola, they will be even stronger. Real Madrid are also very strong because of the players and what the club stands for. Every year they get stronger. The Spanish League will be very difficult, ” added Messi.

Finally, Leo said that Thiago left for Bayern because he believes he will play more and touching on the subject of David Villa, Messi said that that “el Guaje” was going to be a good replacement for Falcao. “He’s a player with a lot of goals in him and will continue scoring with Atletico Madrid.”

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    Valora en Barcelona number 10 Lionel Messi says that Neymar won’t have any problems adapting at the Catalan club. Messi was speaking at a press conference yesterday and had kind words for the young Brazilian. He also had time to speak ….