Why was Villa sold for just 5.1M euros?

There has been a nagging question in many fans minds over why David Villa was “sold off” on the cheap. We have been wondering a lot about this unusual David Villa transfer.

Barcelona have appeared to have taken a hit on the hitman by selling him off so cheaply, especially when favourites Tottenham were offering more cash.

This will be one of those mysteries that we’ll never get answered I suppose but I’m guessing it has to do with David Villa wanting to see out his footballing days and hang up his boots in La Liga.

And it’s not as if Barca will receive their hefty wad of cash in a lump sum, either.

Barca are set to claim just 2.1 M this season and 2 the next with the extra 1M finding its way into Barcelona’s coffers if the player stays on for the 2015/16 season.

Barca do have 50% of the player’s rights if he decides to jump ship and transfer to another club in the future, though.

In February, Barca were adamant that Villa would cost any club around the 20M Euro mark – Looking at the market price and what has been asked for other strikers of his caliber, the club believe that €20M is the least they can ask for last World Cup’s top scorer and World Cup winner with Spain.

Taking into consideration David Villa’s pedigree, it is still hard to entertain the idea that the player was sold for virtually nothing.

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