3 reasons why Thiago should leave Barcelona

Thiago Alcántara has been pretty quiet for the last month or so and has kept silent over his leaving the club in order to seek out more playing time. All this secrecy has changed this week and first we thought that the player was off to Manchester United to be part of the new David Moyes squad. There is now a spanner thrown into the works and it has been thrown by none other than ex Barca coach Pep Guardiola.

Guardiola is in the news today for two things; Firstly because he says he wants Thiago at Bayern Munich and secondly because he has torn off the Barca board a mighty strip by stating that they have tried to use Tito Vilanova’s illness against him.

While we won’t go into details of Guardiola’s gripe with Sandro Rosell, we will talk about why Thiago should leave FC Barcelona by giving you 3 reasons.

3 reasons why Thiago should exit Barca

  • He should leave Barca primarily because football can be very fickle. Fickle in the sense that players have a relatively short lifespan in footballing terms and Thiago should be able to go where he wants to.
  • He should not be held to ransom by Barca with the promise of a future permanent place in the squad when Xavi hangs up his boots. It’s all well and good when certain members of the team try to persuade the youngster to stay but at what price? Thiago will have another season of fighting for a place among Barca’s best namely; Xavi, Cesc and Iniesta for the only two positions available. The guy wants to play, and this coming season, he’s hardly going to get a look in, is he? He also wants to play for Spain at next year’s World Cup and you only get picked if you’re a regular squad player.
  • Barca are fed up with clubs taking advantage of their young stars, but if the Catalan club isn’t going to use them, then what? Barca cannot complain about Pep’s tactics of luring Thiago Alcántara to Bayern Munich as the Catalan club itself uses the very same ploys.

Thiago is a great player and will be missed once he’s out of the door of the Camp Nou for sure. Nobody can blame the young man for wanting to exercise his buyout clause and go to a club where they will use him. Once he goes, Barca will have lost a true gem of their famed youth system. Would Thiago ever consider a return? We don’t know but there’s a saying that goes “once bitten twice shy”.We’ll let you decide.

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