Guardiola wants Thiago Alcántara at Bayern Munich

Pep Guardiola has acknowledged in a press conference that Bayern Munich want to sign Thiago Alcántara: “We want to sign him. I spoke to Rummenigge and Sammer but there’s no news yet. We’ll See.”

“Nobody wants to leave Barcelona except for playing time. Thiago wants to play. This is our chance. We have many games and we need to do a lot of squad rotations. Thiago can play as a number 6, 10, 11 or even as a 7,“ added Guardiola.

Guardiola only had words of praise for Thiago: “Thiago can play in 3 or 4 positions and has a great one on one. I know his potential. He’s a great player. It’s either Thiago or no one. Both Sammer and Rummenigge know well my reasons for wanting Thiago. He’s a super player”.

The future of Thiago Alcantara would be at Bayern, according to Juanma Castaño on the program “el partido de las 12” on Cope radio.

According to the radio station, a conversation between Guardiola and Thiago has convinced the player to head for the Bundesliga, to Bayern Munich, the current European champions where Thiago Alcántara will earn €4M a season.

The player was concerned about the amount of midfielders there are in Bayern but Guardiola let him know that more options will open up for him once he pushes Javi Martinez up to a more central role.

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