Neymar turns Spanish dream into nightmare

Barcelona’s newest signing Neymar turned the spanish dream of lifting the Confederations Cup in Rio de Janeiro into a nightmare last night.

The final was played at the famous Maracaná stadium in Rio before an ecstatic Brazilian crowd. Brazilian number 9 Fred got the first goal after just 2 minutes which left Spain stunned including Neymar’s new Barcelona teammates.

Going into the break one goal down was enough to give the Spain team hope of a comeback in the second half. It was not to be however, as Brazil continued to fight for every loose ball.

Neymar then made it 2 nil just before half time and the confederations Cup was slipping from Spain’s reach. To be fair to the Spanish side, they were up against one of the best Brazilian sides we have seen in a number of years while offering a mediocre performance themselves.

Neymar broke loose on the left and crossed the ball into the centre. Chelsea’s Oscar then found a way of letting loose Barca’s newest star who promptly rifled the ball into the roof of the Spanish stopper’s net.

Spain couldn’t lock the Brazilians down and Neymar caused all sorts of trouble down the left wing. Dani Alves was brilliant as was Marcelo, ruling their respective positions and locking Spain out. Spain had their chances but failed to make them count.

One chance was cleared off the line by a great David Luiz while the second, a penalty, was struck just wide of Julio Cesar’s right post by Sergio Ramos bringing back memories of that penalty miss against German stopper Neuer and Bayern Munich not so long ago.

Gerard Piqué was red-carded late in the second half for taking a swipe at Neymar’s legs as he galloped towards Iker Casillas’ goal on his own after breaking free. It looked like the ref had no option but then again, neither did Piqué, as he took one for the team.

Then it was Fred’s turn to put the game to bed when the ball came out to him on the left just outside the box after a delicious dummy from Neymar who let the ball run past him for his team mate to place just wide of Casillas to his left.

That was it. Neymar ended the Spanish dream of lifting the Confederations cup and Brazil completed their dream of winning it on home turf. Suddenly, the World Cup next year looks surprisingly close.

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