Neymar: “We are not afraid of Spain”

Barca and Brazil’s Neymar faces the biggest game of his career tonight. The Brazil number 10 faces Spain tonight at the famous Maracaná stadium. The game is a dream final for the Brazilian and the player offers a ray of hope to the 190 million Brazilian population. All the pressure is on him, but he is more than comfortable with it.

With just a little more than 24 hours before the match and in one of the rooms of the Sheraton hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Spanish newspaper Marca had the opportunity to spend some time with the young Brazilian star. Marca said that Neymar wasn’t the least bit worried or concerned about the big game tonight. He is both calm and confident before the biggest game of his life so far.

Always with a smile on his face, the number 10 takes any opportunity to show his shirt and pose for the cameras. Neymar is proud of his number. Since the great Pele, no player as young as Neymar has ever worn the legendary number 10 shirt that other great talents such as Rivelino, Zico, Ronaldinho and Kaka have also worn. “It’s a very special number for Brazilians,” he says as he poses covering half his face, showing that defiant look that the players of the Spain national side will see tonight at 22:00.

The Dream

Neymar has been dreaming of a night like this since he was a child. If Maracaná is special for the Spanish, it’s even more so for the Brazilians. “Playing in this stadium before all your people. There is nothing greater for a Brazilian player than to defend his colours and fight for a title on home soil, “he says every time he is asked about the final in the great Maracaná stadium in Rio.

He is one of those players who were born to make history. One only has to see why he signed for Barca and the impact he has had at the Confederations Cup. “It’s the dream match for every football player, a final that will go down forever in football history,” said Neymar.

Whatever happens at tonight’s game, Neymar says he is sure that he will leave the field with a big smile on his face and that he is certain the world will see a “great spectacle”.

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