Rafinha, contract renewal and another loan deal on the horizon

Barcelona has long been working on extending the contract of several of its youth academy players. One of them is Rafinha, whose contract ends in June 2014. The club wants to loan him out, but to do so has to extend the duration of his contract, otherwise he’ll void any loan deals and be able to go free.

One of the new things Barca wants to include in Rafinha’s new contract is a clause in the document, which could allow the player to be loaned out at the Catalan club’s will. Understandably, this is a clause that does not convince the young player at all. Whether the clause will remain, we do not know, but most players wouldn’t agree on such an abusive clause which only favours one of the sides; the Catalan club.

Rafinha is a midfielder who has several suitors wanting to take on his services. One of them is Celta Vigo under the watchful guidance of ex Barca player Luis Enrique. The former reserve team coach is trying to take his new destination several of the players who were under his orders when he was in the Barca Youth Academy.

Fontàs has already reached an agreement with Celta and was the first to accept an offer from the Galician club. Luis Enrique has also requested the addition of Dos Santos, but the player has not yet taken a decision.

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