Thiago Alcántara to cost a very affordable 21,7M Euros

Sources at FC Barcelona have made it clear that the club who signs Thiago Alcantara will not only have to pay the 18M Euros buyout clause but will also be forced to pay an extra 3.7M Euros which is 21 percent of the value added tax (VAT). The transfer operation for the hypothetical buyer would then amount to 21.7M Euros and would come into effect for both Spanish and foreign clubs.

Since it became public that the buyout clause of the midfielder’s contract was just 18M euros, Barca clarified that the club had no intention of transferring the player and stated that Thiago would only go if he wanted to.

That way potential suitors were warned that if they wanted to take on the services of Alcantara, they should stump up the money of the clause. Nothing will be up for negotiation.

Sandro Rosell explained on Thursday that if Thiago had played 60 percent of the matches, the clause would have amounted to 90Million euros instead.

The Under 21 international nearly reached the target but picked up a couple of injuries, and therefore did not reach the threshold. Thiago has now become a temptation for the big clubs in Europe, who value both his quality and projection.

On a more morbid note, the player found favour with Barca’s eternal rivals Real Madrid, who could have taken advantage of this situation to sign Thiago Alcantara.

Although the rumor apparently came out of the Madrid club along with the player’s close friends, the Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez said in his many recent interviews that “we will not use the buyout clause. Thiago is a good player and we won’t do anything hostile against Barcelona.”

Despite Florentino’s claims, until Real Madrid has an official coach, nobody knows the real sports plan of the club. If Carlo Ancelotti, for example, asked for Thiago, the operation would still be too affordable for Real Madrid not to try and convince the player. Barcelona is also wary of Guardiola’s Bayern Munich who could also be interested.

Whatever happens, Thiago Alcántara won’t be making any noise until after the European Sub 21 Championship in Israel.

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  1. tk kumire says

    Barca should not let Thiago go


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    Valora en FC Barcelona’s Thiago Alcántara would cost his suitors the round sum of 21,7Millon euros for his services. This would apply to both Spanish and foreign clubs as the club who lands him will have to shell out an extra 3,7Milli…..