No war of egos at Barca says Gerard Piqué

Asked in an interview with ‘The Huffington Post’ if he is ever likely to return to the English Premier League, Gerard Pique remarked: that “in life you never know, you can never say you won’t. It depends on many circumstances, but the club is my life. I was born in Barcelona, I live there, my family’s there, it’s my home and that’s where I want to stay.”

Regarding the introduction of  Neymar into the squad, Gerard Piqué says “that it is very good. He comes from having a successful career in his country and has proven to be a great player and I think his arrival will bring a lot to the growth of the club. He has come to teach us things and also learn from us. It’s all very positive.”

Also asked if there might be war of egos between Messi and new boy Neymar and himself, who the media has cited as “one of the best players in the world,” Pique assured that it wouldn’t be the case at Barca. He said that he loves Leo Messi as a brother and that they have played together since adolescence. We have a good relationship and no doubt Neymar will contribute to that.”

As to the Confederations Cup, the Barca centre back says that a player’s physique is accustomed to long periods of football,  although this season was a little tougher than usual with what happened to Tito Vilanova, but the team was ready. They are already focused on their next goal and the dream of winning the title – something that Spain has never done before.

And with respect to the pressure that will be put on Spain as World and European Champions, Gerard Pique stressed that  “it is true that we have had good seasons and have won everything and of course you always want to win and you train for that. However, one must be aware that it may not happen (to win). A player’s career is relatively short and one has to do is enjoy it while he can.”

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  1. Both are gonna be the best come next year


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