Neymar presented to 56,000 Barca fans

It was what the fans had been waiting for. The Brazilian superstar Neymar is finally here and the fans love him.

It’s been a long day for the young Brazilian and he touched down in Barcelona at 13.02. He then went directly to the Catalan giants offices. Neymar has already 7 million twitter followers.

At 14:00 the player posed alongside the Barca shield and the few fans that have gathered are beginning to sense that Neymar is here. Half an hour later and the crowd begin to line up to get into the stadium.

At 14:37 Neymar makes his way to the hospital for the habitual tests before signing on the dotted line. Around 15:00 the player has some lunch with his new teammates at Barca’s training ground.

At 16:13 the doors open at the Camp Nou letting in the 56,500 fans who have come to see their idol. The technicians start to setup the microphones and make sound checks. Meanwhile at 17:15, Neymar accompanied by his father, signs a contract that will see the young man play for Barca for the next five seasons.

At last at 18:32 the young Brazilian stepped out to greet the fans at the Camp Nou. He says in Catalan: “Bona tarda a tothom” which means ‘good afternoon everyone’ – the crowd loved it!

He then walked around the stadium greeting his new fans and giving away the occasional football. At 18 51 he retires from the Camp Nou.

He then went into a press conference which is begun by Josep María Bartomeu and Andoni Zubizarreta who offer the player the new Barcelona shirt without a number on it yet. We know that the player favours numbers 7 and 11.

Then it was Neymar’s turn at 19:47 to say a few words:

“The thrill of being cheered when I entered the Nou Camp – it was hard not to cry,” added the Brazilian. “My dream has come true.

“I’ve never worried about being the best in the world. The best is already here and that’s Messi.

“I’m one of the luckiest men in the world to be able to play with him and it’s an honour. I’m very happy to be realising my life’s dream.

“To have the opportunity to play with great players I admire like Messi, Xavi and Andres Iniesta – I’ve begun a new stage of my life and I’m going to be very happy and achieve a lot.”

With those words from Neymar, the press conference was concluded. The young player certainly has a great future ahead of him and being at a club like Barcelona will help him to mature as a player.

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  1. lebi bright says

    Neymar is a great player.I love the combination of messi with neymar


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    Valora en Neymar was presented on the pitch at the Camp Nou to 56,500 screaming fans earlier on in Barcelona. After touching down in the city at 13:00 the player went straight to Barca’s offices and underwent a medical before having lu….