Real Madrid have spoken to an agent about Barca’s Thiago Alcantara

Real Madrid and an agent have had some initial discussions about Barca’s Thiago Alcántara, as explained by the program ‘Tu dirás’ on RAC1.

Mazinho, the player’s father, gave his consent for an intermediary to meet with Real Madrid two days ago on Thursday to find out and know first hand if the ‘merengues’ interest in Thiago Alcántara is true or not.

Although it was just ‘touching base’, the big news, as explained by RAC1 on its program, is that Real Madrid are talking openly about Thiago Alcantara as a real possibility as the player could leave the Catalan giants for the very ‘affordable’ price of just 18Million Euros. Read more about Thiago’s clause here, which was put in his contract by his agent in case the player failed to play 60% of this season’s games.

The promising young Barca player could even become the electoral trump card along with a large dose of enthusiasm for Real Madrid looking ahead to next season.

Real’s president Florentino Pérez could turn Thiago Alcántara into his next ‘Luis Figo’ this summer. Fans will remember the signing of the Portuguese star from Barca in 2000. Figo signed a pre-contract with Pérez and insisted all through the summer that he wasn’t leaving the Catalan club.

He did sign for Barca’s eternal rivals and many Barcelona fans felt betrayed and 3 seasons later, Figo got a rather heated reception which led to fans throwing things on the pitch including the famous pig’s head, when he went to take a corner at the Camp Nou.

Thiago Alcántara also has offers from the Premier League, a league that the young player particularly likes with big clubs like Manchester United heading up the interest.

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  1. Thiago alkantara is no familier with madrid. But find someone else.

  2. blueblood says

    if he leaves he is an ungrateful pig. Barca built him up and gave him the chance to shine. You cant expect thiago to immediately replace xavi and iniesta, his lack of appearances this yr was due to injuries not selection. Real madrid is a sad sad club. I dont take them seriously nowadays

  3. barcelona should nt make a mistake 2 let thiago leave d club

  4. rabiu isa usman says

    w’ll see,whethera’ll be true or not.


  1. Información…

    Valora en Barca’s eternal rival Real Madrid have made a first contact over Thiago Alcántara’s disposition to leave the Catalan club. Thiago can be sold for the knockdown price of just 18Million Euros and the player is in the sights of….