Scathing words for Mourinho from Lorenzo Sanz

Lorenzo Sanz, an ex president of Real Madrid wasted no time in sticking the knife in Jose Mourinho’s back by saying that the “Real Madrid was beyond Mo”.

Mourinho will go down in history as just another Real Madrid manager. I don’t think he’s the best coach or even one of the best.” said Sanz talking to Radio Marca.

Lorenzo Sanz also ruled out the possibility of competing with the current president Florentino Perez for the presidency of Real Madrid: “I do not feel like running for the election. I want some peace and quiet – watching and reviewing is the best thing to do.”

About the possible signings for next season, Lorenzo Sanz was quite clear: “For the prices being spoken of for Neymar or Gareth Bale, I wouldn’t sign either of them. Football is a sentiment and the president who doesn’t realise that will make a mistake.”

Most people remember Lorenzo Sanz for bringing in players like Davor Šuker and Predrag Mijatovic with his own money. He became president of Real Madrid in 1995 after Ramón Mendoza was forced to resign because of the club’s economic and social problems.

However, two UEFA Champions League titles were not enough to keep hold of the presidency and in 2000 he lost out to Florentino Pérez.

In July 2006, Lorenzo Sanz purchased Málaga CF, which was then sold to an investor from Qatar in 2010.

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