Leo Messi: “Neymar would be a great addition to Barca”

The Barcelona fans are dreaming of the much anticipated arrival of Neymar. And it’s not just the fans,the players themselves also want to see the Brazilian in the Barca strip to strengthen the squad for the coming season.

One of those who has spoken out in favour of the young Brazilian is Leo Messi, who at the moment, is still in Qatar fulfilling promotional events and commitments.

In an interview with the Qatar TV channel Alkass, the Argentine stressed the qualities of the young Santos striker: “I do not know if he’ll end up signing for Barcelona  or not,  only he knows. However, what is true about Neymar is that he is a player who will bring different individual qualities to the club. Of course,  for Barca,  Neymar would be a wonderful addition. ”

Once again Messi mentioned his Argentina team career and his desire to be world champion:  “All I want is to win, without thinking whether winning the World Cup will allow me to be the best player in history or not.”

Leo Messi also believes that former Barca coach Pep Guardiola will prove his worth at Bayern: “He will triumph in whatever team he manages – for his understanding and his reading of football matches.”

A lot of fans are desperately awaiting the signing of Neymar but thinking about it seriously, would the player be a worthwhile addition to the Barca squad or would the club be better off spending their cash on some other reinforcements?

Without a shadow of a doubt, the young Brazilian is a talent to watch but would he really be compatible with Messi in the same team? Would there be competition among the two best players on the planet?

Are Barca desperate enough to want two superstars playing in the same team? It would be good for media coverage sure, but what about the rest of the team, do they now have to sit back and watch the Messi and Neymar show along with feeding the pair exquisite passes so they can score goals?

It is definitely something to think about as Barca tread the fine line of the Real Madrid “Galáctico era”.

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