Mourinho to take Courtois and Essien and Pepe off to City

It looks like Mourinho already has one foot in Chelsea and looks set to take Michael Essien and Thibaut Courtois back to the West London club with him. Essien is on loan from Chelsea but East london club West Ham have also shown interest in the player.

Another player set to leave is Pepe, who may go to Manchester City according to Spanish sports paper Real Madrid desperately want to change their image and if that means getting rid of the tough tackling Portuguese star, then so be it.

Mourinho’s stay at Real Madrid has been a failure. President Florentino Pérez knows it and wants to change the image of the club. Real Madrid is a first class club that doesn’t need the extra baggage a manager like Mourinho brings in.

Pepe has contributed over the past few years to the club’s downfall and has damaged its appearance for many a Real Madrid fan. A lot of fans would remember when he lashed out and kicked Getafe’s captain francisco Casquero whilst on the floor.

Pepe was red-carded but that should have been an alarm bell for Florentino to get rid of the player, not keep him on. Pepe also managed to tread on Messi’s hand, too. We hope that Manchester City know what they are letting themselves in for.

Apparently, City have inquired about the player and have offered 20Million Euros for him although Real seem to think he’s worth at least 25Million. Pepe doesn’t feature in new boss Ancelotti’s future plans and his latest public clash with Mourinho didn’t go down too well with the Real Madrid fans and many believe that this summer would be the perfect time for the Portuguese player to leave the club.

Jorge Mendes, the player’s agent has found him a spot in the Premier League but if that is to materialize, the player’s price would have to be adjusted accordingly.

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  1. Damian .o Ugwu says

    J.M is coming back to chelsea, is a great news to all chelsea fans.
    But pls fans don’t expect much frm
    him. I see chelsea wining every tin
    but the players streaght wil go in a
    short time and no style of football.

  2. Dave_shepton says

    What a Load of crap. Surely you can invent better stuff than this!!!!!!

  3. I want chelsea to buy wilfried bony and wanye rooney

  4. Chelsea young stars will safer they will nt ve that chance to play at chelsea players like,lukaku ,de bruyne ,piazon ,ake e.t.c

  5. ressaaxxxcx says

    surprise…arsenal and bercelona got style but they cant beat chelsea……..JM come home next season we eliminate real madrid in champions league,.to ronnie come to chelsea or miss premier league cup next season.

  6. Ezulike Georg says

    good news about courtois we need that boy as cech backup good keeper for sure , but for essien he should give oriol and ake chance.

  7. Sylvester says

    Jose jis coming to chelsea wil be great to d fan.But dont 4got d way he’s treated Madrid right now so Abramovich have to be xtra careful.

  8. Ninwin says

    Pepe is a good player but is very sturbon.I think man city will really enjoy him

  9. Bigdo show says

    I lik pepe bt d only tin i tink is dat his a controlvacial player bt he gud at his possition

  10. Mourinho is probably the world’s best manager. Most football fans agree with this regardless of what club they support. How many managers have won the league in four countries? Let’s give credit where it is due. I think its unfair for the Spanish media to attack Mourinho this way.

  11. adeyemo tunde says

    As big as jose is nobody will expect him to be in that position with great madrid but kudos to pep&tito whose made things easy for barca,shame on jose

  12. Desmond says

    typical Uefalonia fan writeup just happy that they gonna get back to dominating Spanish football with Mourinho leaving… U still gonna get ur ass spank by Chelsea when u guys meet in Europe

  13. Mathew says

    Chelsea should concentrated more on falcao

  14. Nabil abdulatif says

    J.m is the best manager in the world.

  15. Dennis says

    Jose morinho wil make an impact in chelsea if only,he is usein de player dat rafel benitez wer usein,an aslo calm down is spirit 4 foothball to floow well.

  16. All i need is jose to come back home

  17. zorrin says

    I think its good that Mourinho is going back to Chelsea. Man Utd have lost Sir Alex ferguson. the premier league will be wide open.

    I can’t see Manchester City taking Real Madrid’s cast-offs. can you? City are the richest team in the world, by an order of magnitude. Forget PSG, Chelsea, man Utd, AC Milan, Real. City’s wealth not only bends the rules. It warps the very fabric of space/time itself. They have a trillionaire owner, just stole Barcelona’s board, and founded a cash cow MLS feeder team in New York.


  1. Información…

    Valora en With Mourinho with one foot already in West London club Chelsea, he looks set to take back with him both Courtois and Essien. Thibaut Courtois is on loan from Chelsea to Atletico Madrid and Essien to Real Madrid. West Ham Uni…..