Neymar to cost Barcelona 60Million Euros

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior

Neymar set to cost the Catalan club 60Million Euros

Barcelona wants to seal the deal as soon as possible with Neymar. And the Catalan club has their reasons for wanting to do so. It’s mainly because the signing of the Brazilian is the number one request from the coaching staff, and the Barca board of directors blesses the move to strengthen the squad.

Secondly, because of the harassment from Real Madrid to torpedo the deal, the player’s price increases. And finally, because the final cost of the young Brazilian will determine other signings by the club.

This deal is going to cost FC Barcelona more than they had originally planned. Santos wants 60Million Euros for their young star, which is 20Million more than the Catalan club, had originally planned to spend when they started talks two years ago. Director of football Raúl Sanllehí has travelled to Brazil to negotiate with Santos and try to reduce the price of the transfer, but the Brazilian club is not giving in. Last night there was another meeting in order to know where everyone stands as it appears to be like a game of chess at the moment.

The price of Neymar, who would prefer to leave his club in 2014, is vital to be able to address the rest of the market. Barca is going to spend 50Million euros plus what they get from transfer fees of other players. Therefore, the club urgently needs to know the price of Neymar to be able to know if it can table other offers for other reinforcements.

Three signings that Barca needs

The Catalan club doesn’t intend to break the bank and amplify the capital stipulated for signings, regardless of what Neymar costs. Barca’s idea is that the new keeper is worth the same money from the sale Victor Valdes. Barca has to sell players in order for a central defender to come. The price of Hummels, or whoever finally arrives at Barca, will be approximately 25Million Euros.

That amount will be what the Catalan club get from the sales of players like David Villa, Dos Santos, Fontas, Bojan, Bartra and others. The sum of them all, the club would want at least 15M for Villa, would be enough to sign the defender that Tito Vilanova so desperately needs for next season.

If Barcelona needed another boost, they would have no other option but to sell more players because there would be more money available. However, right now, the idea of the club is to bring in these three reinforcements and no more.

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  1. Oluwatoba says

    The board should think about it,he a good player but it cost,there is a good player that is better than mine in the world

  2. olamilekan taiwo says

    Neymar is a geat player will need next season,the board shld release the money and sign him.


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    Valora en Brazilian wonderkid Neymar is set to cost FC Barcelona 60Million Euros. Barca are hoping to seal the deal as soon as possible because they need to know how much they’ll have left in the pot for their two other signings. Barca….