Santos wants 50M euros for 55 percent of Neymar’s rights

Brazilian club Santos FC has asked for 50M euros for 55 percent of Neymar’s rights. This is what Globoesporte from Brazil assures us citing a source in the club: “If 50Million euros is paid to us for our part, then an agreement is reached with the others, we can start to negotiate ” said the source said from Santos which is located in the Vila Belmiro neighbourhood.

The remaining 40 percent belongs to DIS and 5 percent to a group of businessmen linked to el “Peixe”, the club’s nickname. Both have yet to put a price on the player but judging by the way Santos has assessed him, the final price would be around 95Million euros.

While Odílio Rodrigues, vice president of Santos is in Madrid “for personal reasons” he has met up with both Barca president Sandro Rosell and emissaries from Real Madrid – with the whites being very interested in torpedoing any existing agreement between Santos and the Catalan club.

Santos say they have no interest in selling the player before the 2014 World Cup which is hosted on Brazilian soil and does not fear losing money from a possible move or for the titles that the club has reaped with Neymar or the increase in followers since he became the star of the Brazilian club.

However, Santos knows full well that Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior wants to leave in June and the apparent composure and filtration of prices and percentages by the club are just pure negotiation tactics.

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  1. Really Man won’t Madrid just pay close to the 100 million price they’re rumoured to be willing to pay, thus handing Barca the 10 mil that Santos would have to pay. That, plus anything that Barca have previously advance to them should put Barca in an easy situation to sign Marco REUS. I mean add to him the free Pizzaro, 30mil/less Hummels, low price 2nd/3rd tall defender and Barca are great to go.
    They could Sell either Song or Masche. I prefer retaining Masche for his versatility: DMD, flat 3 at the back, CB, Plus his willingness to stop a counter by hook or crook. I mean, go watch Bayern’s 2nd goal in the Camp Nou which Ribery assisted. Song just accompanied him into the box. No Push-to-the-ground, no Sliding tackle. And there were other similar incidents. Yes he’s tall, but he’s so slow. We have another similar player were nearly destroying up front: Fabregas. Play the lad deeper as in Arsenal. If not, Sell him instead. Cesc doesn’t press like Busi, but so doesn’t Xavi and Ini. Yet, he’s more willing to stretch a leg. Play him deep, or sell him and switch Ini8 to Xavi’s role (but on the left side), then drop Messi to Ing’s attacking mid role, on the right side. And yeah, sell Villa and don’t waste Tello on the bench. Play or loan/sell with buy-back option.


  1. Información…

    Valora en Santos, the Brazilian club from the Vila Belmiro neighbourhood has said that it wants 50Million euros for the 55 percent it owns of Neymar’s rights. Globoesporte from Brazil says that if the money is paid to Santos and an agr….