Barca win their 22nd La Liga title

Barca won the league last night with four games to go as Real Madrid couldn’t postpone the Catalans being crowned La Liga champions anymore.

With a 1-1 draw at Cornellà in Barcelona, Real Madrid took on Espanyol who are hovering near the bottom of the table and needed the points for survival in La Liga.

A lot of fans were wondering what Espanyol would have done if they didn’t need the points as their relationship with Barcelona is pretty much like cat and dog – an Everton vs Liverpool, if you will.

Barca travel to Madrid today to meet Atletico Madrid who are going to give the Catalans their heroes’ welcome as they run out onto the pitch.

It has been a difficult year for Barca and you could say that La Liga was won within the first month or two. Real Madrid were caught napping and they have paid the price for it. Barca steamed ahead and put lots of points between the two sides and it paid off.

With Tito Vilanova’s absence and Barca’s shaky defense, the Catalans started to waiver but still managed to keep the distance despite Real Madrid finding themselves during the second half of the season.

Around 1500 Barca fans made it to the famous Canaletes fountain in Barcelona last night which is found on the famous Las Ramblas boulevard.

Tonight no doubt, there will be more celebrations after the match. It doesn’t matter who wins but Barca will want to go out in style for sure. Diego Simeone knows this and will have his team on red alert to try and put a last spanner in the works and stifle somewhat the Catalans celebrations.

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    Valora en FC Barcelona won the Spanish league last night after Real Madrid failed to beat Espanyol at Cornellà. The cat and mouse game was finally over and Barcelona can now enjoy the moment and celebrate their 22nd La Liga title. It’…..