Could Carles Puyol sign for AC Milan?

Barca defender Carles Puyol might be willing to leave FC Barcelona at the end of the season to join Italian giants AC Milan according to the Barcelona local TV station BTV on their football magazine La Porteria.

The Barca captain, currently recovering from a knee operation renewed his contract until 2016 just a few short months ago and always has always declared his undying love for both the club and its city, Barcelona.

Coincidentally, it was Paolo Maldini, Puyol’s idol who played for the Italian giants throughout his entire career. The Italian defender notched up an impressive 647 appearances for the club from 1985 – 2009.

According to the same program, Carles Puyol has also put his home in Barcelona up for sale.

How much Barca fans will read into this we do not know. But given Puyol’s age, he’s 35, he may be looking for a change of surroundings before he finally hangs up his boots.

Although it’s a noble thing to do and stay at the club you’ve been brought up in, I feel that a player needs to test himself in other leagues before throwing in the towel for good.

That’s why I have always taken my hat off to players like Chelsea’s Fernando Torres, Juan Mata and Barca’s own Victor Valdés, who stated that he wanted to “experience new cultures”.  I think that deep down every player worth his salt would love to try a different league, if only for personal growth as a professional footballer, Puyol is no different.

As with a lot of statements, it may be a false rumour but then again a lot of these rumours turn into solid truths.

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