Pep Guardiola: “My time at Barcelona is over”

Guardiola in Argentina
Ex Barca coach Pep Guardiola received a diploma from the mayor of the City of Buenos Aires in Argentina as Distinguished Visitor” and a book about the Colón Theatre, which happens to be one of the most important opera houses in the world. Then he answered questions from some of the 120 children from three primary schools in Buenos Aires.

When asked if he will return to Barca, he replied, “My time at Barcelona is over. One is born; he grows up and becomes an adult. That’s it”.

Proud of what he lived through in Barcelona: “I have had a wonderful relationship with those I worked with”.

He spoke highly of the players at Barca: “The players who I coached love what they do. They have never lost the passion that they’ve had since childhood.”

The key to success at Barca: “Everything went well at Barca because I coached the most professional amateurs I have ever met”.

Pep Guardiola reflected: “You are where you are because you win with the big clubs. Otherwise you get a kicked out”.

He declined to talk about the German team Bayern Munich: “It would be wrong to talk about Bayern. When I’m there, I’ll start talking about it.”

He enjoys his work: “You become a coach because you think your teams can play well.”

Guardiola left the club at the right time: “When you make the decision to leave a club, it’s better than when the decision is taken for you. I was very happy at Barcelona.”

Speaking about Brazil 2014, Pep said: “Spain are favorites to win the World Cup.” And the rivals to beat are: “Germany and Brazil, although Argentina are also candidates.”

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