All German final as Bayern finish Barca off at Camp Nou

It wasn’t really surprising after going down four nil in the first leg to Bayern Munich. The Germans came to town and finished the job last night at the Camp Nou by beating Barca by three goals to nil.

The superiority was devastating to say the least and Barca had no answer for Bayern’s attacking and defensive prowess.

Dreams of another historic comeback were shattered when Arjen Robben found the net just after half time. Even at one nil to Bayern, Barca’s hopes disintegrated fast and the game turned into a nightmare with the Catalans having no hope of reaching the final.

It seems to be Bayern’s year and will meet fellow Bundesliga team Borussia Dortmund in an epic final at London’s Wembley on May 25th.

It was an uphill struggle for Barca without key man Leo Messi on the pitch and Bayern Munich knew it. Messi wasn’t worth risking last night and I’m sure it was a tough decision to make. I’m sure Barca fans would rather have the Argentine in one piece than risk his career on a single game.

Luck wasn’t on the Catalan team’s side either when Gerard Piqué found his own net in the 72nd minute. The ball came across from Valdés’ right and Piqué tried to clear but steered the ball into the back of his own net instead.

Just four minutes later and hitman Müller, who did some of the damage in the first leg, found the net again. This was getting ridiculous. We were seeing one of the best teams in the world getting canned on the backside by Bayern Munich, and it wasn’t pretty to watch.

Barcelona was like a ship without a rudder last night and Messi dependancy will again be the subject on everybody’s lips today for sure. The truth is that Bayern left Barca impotent and wanting. The Catalan giants had no answer for the Bavarian cyclone that passed over the Camp Nou last night.

It may be the end of an era for Pep’s Barcelona that Vilanova is now taking care of and Piqué summed up how he felt when he said that “Barca was no longer the best side in the world.” The aggregate score of 7-0 showed just how much of a cyclone Bayern was over two legs.

Barca now have to pick themselves up and dust themselves off. There is no disgrace about losing to a quality side and I’m sure Barca will take home many points from the two matches.

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