Jupp Heynckes: “If I wanted to ask for advice, I would call Cruyff”

In an appearance before the German media prior to matches a cup semi final on Tuesday against Wolfsburg, Bayern Munich coach Jupp Heynckes has insisted that he will not talk with Pep Guardiola about Barca ahead of the tie Champions League semifinals.

“Pep can not reveal details about the Barcelona out of respect for his former club. But neither do I need to know. I know Spanish football and Barcelona very well. If I wanted to call someone, I would choose to Johan Cruyff, because he invented Barca’s system.”

Jokingly, Heynckes added that he could also “use Beckenbauer”, the current president of honor of the Munich-based club, “because he has tips for everything.”

Beckenbauer himself had said on German TV channel Sky 90 that “Guardiola may give us a few tips. He knows Barcelona well and this type of information is essential in order to be prepared one hundred percent.”

Jupp has criticized Beckenbauer, saying: “I do not understand how a former player and former coach could say such a thing.”

Heynckes then added that “men gossip more than women” and even though some professional colleagues have predicted that the manager will still be linked to Bayern next season, Jupp himself added: “I myself will not announce what I will do until the end of the season.”

Respect for Wolfsburg

As for the game on Tuesday night at the Allianz Arena, he said “the clash with Wolfsburg will not be plain sailing. They also want to be in Berlin in the final.”

“In the German league Wolfsburg are the third best team at home and we should look out for Olic, Naldo, Diego and Polak,” he added and stressed that “Bayern doesn’t have a hierarchy in attack. We don’t have a number 2, everyone is a number 1, Mario Gomez, Pizarro and Madzukic, and they can all play. ”

After the Champions League draw last Friday Heynckes became angry when asked if he would seek advice from Guardiola. The manager said it was disrespectful.

Afterwards, Jürgen Klopp, the Dortmund coach said: “I bet my ass that Bayern will speak to Pep,” to which Karl-Heinz Rummenigge replied:  “Klopp’s ass will end up in the Bayern Museum.”

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