Real Madrid fans want Barca in the semi finals

We are just a few hours away until the semi-final draw for the Champions League which takes place at 12 o clock midday.

Both Real Madrid and Barça have been doing their homework on all teams and weighing up the pros and the cons of the possible rivals in the semifinals of this continental showpiece. And so far, both groups of fans seem to have a clear idea of who they’d like to meet.

The Real Madrid fans want to face FC Barcelona in the semis. 41% of the Real Madrid fans who participated in a survey carried out by Spanish sports website MARCA want the Catalan giants in the semifinals. The second opponent on their wish list is Dortmund with 33.4% of the votes, while Bayern Munich seems to be the most feared opponent by the fans of Real Madrid coming in third with just 25.6% of the polled votes.

In the case of the Catalan giants FC Barcelona, the results are radically different. The most feared rival is Real Madrid, with Bayern Munich in second place. The first on the Barca fans wish list of preferences is Borussia Dortmund, accumulating 51.8% of the votes recorded. Bayern has around 25% of the votes and Real Madrid 22.8%.

The Barca fans seems to be wary of meeting Real Madrid in the semi finals and maybe it has something to do with the last few ‘clasico’ games they have played. It’s true, Real Madrid seems to have lost its fright meeting Barca at the Nou Camp and therefore welcome the chance to meet again with open arms.

The semi final draw takes place in a few hours at 12:00 and we will all be waiting with abated breath to see the outcome.

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  1. bonisanincube says

    Bring them on they think its going to be easy for them.

  2. amadou sonko says

    Real Madrid fans went barca because they don’t have a defense.