Barca to complain to UEFA about refereeing incidents in Paris

Before anyone could respond to Dani Alves’ plea for someone from the club to complain about the refereeing this season in Europe, the offices of the Nou Camp are already typing up a complaint with Wolfgang Stark’s calamitous performance at the Parc des Princes still fresh in their minds.

Barca is to make a formal complaint to UEFA concerning the arbitration of the last PSG vs FC Barcelona game along with the surreal episode that followed the game.

It was a game in which the German referee’s decision was decisive by allowing the goal from Ibrahimovic, who was clearly in an offside position.

Surprisingly, the linesman, the referee nor the goal judge or the fourth official saw the offside. It was a serious technical failure on behalf of the ref to which must be added a complete misunderstanding of the rules when he kept Mascherano and Alba off the field after they were treated for a collision.

1. Leaving out two players when the opposing team has a corner

Shortly before the goal in which Zlatan Ibrahimovic was offside and leveled the scores at 1 apiece, Jordi Alba and Javier Mascherano accidentally collided in the penalty area. The two were on the ground and needed treatment.

The regulation states that if a player from each team needs treatment, they should go off to be treated while play restarts. But if the two players who are being treated are from the same team, the play has to be stopped.

This is plain obvious because if play continues their is a clear inferiority of one of the two teams regarding numbers.

Wolfgang Stark, far from stopping play, ordered the game to continue, with the added bonus that Paris Saint-Germain had a corner in their favour.

Although both Barca players were asking to be let back on the pitch, both the referee and the goal official listened to their pleas and the corner was taken without them.

2. For forcing Mascherano to take an anti-doping test when he was being stitched up.

Another episode that unnerved the Catalan giants was the surreal experience that Javier Mascherano had to endure. The Argentine, apart from suffering a ligament tear in his right knee, also left the field with a nasty cut to his leg. Mascherano went straight to the dressing rooms where the ‘surreal episode’ was about to take place.

Mascherano happened to be one of the players that had to undergo a drugs test after the match and the inflexible UEFA officials told him that the first thing was the dope test.

That obviously made the Barca medic’s task more difficult as he had to check Maschherano’s injury and also attend to the wound, which was bleeding. The UEFA representatives were having none of it and ordered the anti dope test first.

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  1. Sunday egaji says

    Uefa need 2 tke dis mata serious.cos we never xpencted such a bad oficiatin in CL.

  2. Blueblood says

    Officiating in champs league is the biggest problem


  1. Información…

    Valora en Before anyone could reply to Dani Alves’ petition for someone to act on behalf of the club regarding the poor refereeing decisions in Paris, the club is already in the process of elaborating a complaint outlining the failures….