Messi needs to inspire Barca against Milan tonight

Leo Messi needs to inspire his team to greatness tonight against a tough A.C Milan team at the Nou Camp.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is FC Barcelona’s most important game this season and they have to come good.

Barca should now put aside it’s bad patch of loosing twice to Real Madrid and its defensive problems and focus on the job in hand tonight against the Italian giants.

Milan, obviously have a two goal advantage and Barca need 3 to make certain of going through. A mountain to get over yes, but not entirely impossible as the Champions League is full of impossibilities and this is where dreams come true.

The Italians will be ready for tonight’s clash and will be more than “up for it”, so Barcelona has to be ready for anything.

The one player that needs to inspire Barcelona to greatness tonight is Leo Messi. He’s the best player in the world and Barca need him more than ever. Forget his current goal tally of 17 goals in 17 matches, Barca need to see what he is capable of under extreme pressure and it doesn’t get bigger than this.

With Messi focused, he will inspire his midfielders in the shape of Iniesta and Xavi. This fantastic trio alone could do the job tonight, but Barca has more. The Catalans need to show the fans that they mean business in tonight’s game.

Barca are fired up for tonight’s clash and aim to silence the naysayers that Barcelona’s reign is over. Many people fear that the club is in crisis, something that the Argentine totally disagrees with:

We are not in crisis. We have fallen to Milan and Real, two great clubs. Admittedly we have not played well, but against the Italians we still have 90 minutes to turn the situation around.
“We can do it. This club have shown on numerous occasions that we are able to overcome any obstacle and now our main challenge is to beat Milan. We want to achieve a lot this season and we cannot afford to fail.We need to go back to being the usual Barca from earlier in the season.If we recover our style of play and do things right then we will be able to reach the quarter-finals. We know we have the ability to do it, especially in front of our own fans.”

If anyone can turn things around against Milan, it’s Messi and Barcelona. However, Iniesta said: “We will make it through. We have to play as if it was a final. That has to be our mentality, from first to last.”

This is the mentality of winners and if Barca go out tonight with this winning mindset then they will surely make it to the last four of the Champions League.

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