When does Real Madrid’s luck finally run out?

It’s been a lucky week for Real Madrid on the pitch and a week that has been surrounded by controversy.

First of all, everyone will remember last Saturday’s clasico in which F.C Barcelona lost at home to Real Madrid by two goals to one. The game was surrounded in controversy especially at the end when the referee Pérez Lasa refused to give a penalty for Sergio Ramos’ trip on Adriano in the box.

nani sent off against real madrid
Barcelona became so incensed at the decision that Victor Valdés now has to sit the next four games out for calling the referee a “sinvergüenza” or “crook“. Cynical Ramos looked at Adriano after the trip and gestured to him to get up off the ground.

The Spanish FA are even looking into Gerard Piqué’s gesture of his hands in handcuffs, too. Valdes lost the plot after the match and ran up to Lasa yelling at his face. Although we cannot condone the keeper’s actions it does leave questions unanswered.

One of the questions everyone would like to know is when will Real Madrid’s luck finally run out? We are not taking away the terrific couple of matches they have played against Barcelona but when a referee doesn’t do his job then we have to question it.

Tuesday night’s Champions League game against Manchester United was incredible. United had Real Madrid tied down like a hog for the slaughter. Fergie’s team happily let them have the ball and surprisingly, Real Madrid couldn’t do anything with it.

As United piled on the pressure, Ramos scored an own goal – that’s what being under pressure does. Ramos was caught numerous times shirt pulling and ball handling but the ref turned a blind eye.

Arbeloa got sanctioned with a yellow card for a nasty tackle but that was all the Turkish ref was going to allow on Tuesday night.

Ramos was one of the main culprits in that match and his cynicism was even more evident. He slapped a United forward in the chest and beckoned to him to get up off the floor – he made this cynical gesture no less than three times during the match.

The final straw came when Nani went in for a high ball with Arbeloa. The United winger wasn’t even watching Arbeloa but the ball. Needless to say, Nani caught Arbeloa with his foot and the Real Madrid defender went to the ground and gave an Oscar winning performance.

As ex Real Madrid and Manchester United striker Michael Owen pointed out: “In the Premier League, that tackle would not have got a red card in a million years”. Nani was sent off and the crowd went hysterical. No one could believe it and Ferguson made his way down to the touchline to protest.

That was the luck that Real Madrid needed. United were a man down at Champions League level. At this level of football, if you go a man down against a top team then it’s literally curtains. Modric came on and gave Madrid breathing space before beating De Gea with a screamer.

Then it was Ronaldo’s turn after a cheeky back heel flick from Ozil to Higuain who crossed the ball for CR7 to get on the end of and finish United off.

Real Madrid were very lucky to get away with this one. Manchester United were by far the better side and were dumped out by a poor decision by the Turkish ref. Before the sending off, Manchester United had limited Real Madrid to shooting from outside the box.

United literally had them where they wanted and were most likely to score again.

So when does Real Madrid’s luck run out this season? What are your thoughts?

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  1. if that is what you bacelona fan is calling for now… take a look at your match against madrid in the CL semi against madrid… who was lucky there. please find solution to your bad performance and stop crying for nonsenses that is not real’s business to solve. If this is our luck then remember it is going to run forever just like barcelona’s was running for years. do you take a look at Van persie’s red card in camp nou.. how do you called that. keep on complaint while real go ahead with their business. If the last 5-2 on aggregate in 5 days 2 matches fixture hurts you the fans of FC bacelona, then kill your players and yourselves.

  2. bamdelx says

    pls stop castigating Real madrid, it wasn’t their call it was ref’s so stop blaming them.I want to believe that the writer is a barca fan who is still hurt by their lost to them on last week.This is madrid turn let them enjoy it ,have forgot champ leg game with chealsea dat decision favoured barca,

  3. Lol have to laugh at this 110% biased blog when will madrids luck run out? Have to say with more common sense its not madrids fault a referee does not award a penalty or send a player off. Personally you are just a bitter barca fan looking for excuses i dont think we neednt go on about anders frisk and screwing chelsea out of 2 clear pens i dont go on about it because im not bitter or a pathetic twat looking for an excuse and your arrogance makes u look and other barca fans quite pathetic really, the way you all are you would think football was created in 2008 and not in the 19th century

  4. The Barca match against chelsea in the Champions League Semi Final….. Thats all im gona say.

  5. This writer is a moron. He did not even mention the Rafeil block to Higuans header ,that could have earned him a red card and penalty awarded to Madrid.

  6. Very spot on article! Infact its not even luck, it bribing officials. They are so desperate for the so called. La decima which they can only dream of. This is not the 50’s or 60’s where they won 6 of those 9 titles!!! I would be embarrassed to count such museum trophies as part of my success. Even the so called special one (who is in charge of a special 13-point deficit in laliga) tried to bring up the pepe red card for that karate lunge at Dani Alves as an excuse! Silly man! Since he claimed Barca had eufa and unicef favouring them, then he is in an even better position to tell us who madrid bribed to get Nani sent off? For a club sponsored by a betting company, there is no points in guessing what they are capable of!!! Besides, enjoy those two rare victories against a managerless Barca, that’s the best you can do!!

  7. Ferguson had the madrid boys running like headless chickens all night until the ref came to their rescue! Lol!! Whatever they do, they will live in the shadow of barcelona, just like their Cristiano ‘shoot-blindly-hair-gel’ ronaldo lives in the shadow of Messi. United were cheated, no debate there!! This is the truth and it hurts all mourinho’s wives!

  8. Whether Barca fan or not, that was a wrong call by ref that gifted Madrid a win. It was wrong on Madrids part because of cheating by Ramos. The Chelsea vs Barca game and Barca vs Arsenal games were entirely refs errors not Barca’s cheating. Dont be a blind Madrid fan who thinks everyone talking against refs performance in Man U vs Madrid game is a Barca fan. Your luck will run out soon.


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