Is the Nou Camp a viable option for the final of La Copa del Rey?

Once again the venue for the final of the Copa del Rey is in the air and has the fans of the finalists on tenterhooks. Yesterday, Real Madrid won the right to play in the final of the biggest game of the year so far and the possible stadiums that could hold such an event are being sounded out. The final should take place on 18th May if all goes to plan.

Real Madrid haven’t had the chance to express themselves over the matter of where to play yet but Barcelona and Valencia seem to be the favourites because of their neutrality regarding the finalists.

The president of the Federation of Real Madrid supporters clubs, Alejandro Lora, spoke to the radio station Cope:

“We want a neutral field. We like the Mestalla stadium for its close proximity and because they will treat us well but the Camp Nou also has a chance of holding the final – because of it’s capacity, (100,000 seater stadium) it’s a possibility that we cannot rule out”

What is certain is that Real Madrid seems to be comfortable playing at the Nou Camp just lately. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo prefer a large pitch where they can develop their game and the Nou Camp lends itself perfectly for this.

In the next few days there will be a meeting between the finalists and the Federation to fix the venue and mark the date. As usual, the Federation will expect to receive the various proposals to hold the final of La Copa del Rey.

If no agreement is reached, then it would be up to the Real Federación Española de Fútbol itself to decide the city that hosts the final.

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