Milan put Barca’s hopes of a triple on standby

Muntari scores for Milan
FC Barcelona had their hopes of a triple crown put on hold last night at the San Siro after losing 0-2 against A.C Milan in the first leg of their Champions League clash.

It wasn’t the match every Barca fan hoped for either as the Italian giants brought the game to the Catalans and played one on one with them. Great football was played by both teams but the Italians had the edge last night.

The scoreline now puts Barcelona in a precarious situation regarding lifting the trophy again. The Catalans have it all to do at the Nou Camp and although it’s far from over, Barcelona have to find three goals and hope that Milan doesn’t score.

Barcelona started off in their own half working the ball well with lots of touches with Milan tackling hard and chasing after every ball. The Italians had no intention of staying in their own half last night and as Bojan predicted quite clearly, they went out for a win.

To be honest, Barcelona rarely got a sniff at the Milan goal and maybe that was more worrying than the final score. Number 2 coach Jordi Roura certainly has some homework to do if he’s going to dismantle the Italian outfit at the Nou Camp. Roura’s tactic were obviously wrong last night and it showed.

A.C Milan put a lot of pressure on the Catalan giants and began to find small holes in their defence. Stephan El Shaarawy caused problems for Barca as did Kevin Prince Boateng, who scored one of Milan’s goals.

The first half ended up 0-0 and it looked like Barcelona would most definitely score in the second half judging by their good first half performance. It wasn’t to be however and Boateng made it 1 nil to the hosts in the 56th minute. A vicious shot hit one of the Barca defenders and the ball ricocheted off Zapata’s arm which fell to Boateng who rifled the shot past Valdés.

Leo Messi was unable to connect with this game and lost the ball on various occasions letting the Italians break and end up in Barca’s half of the pitch. Milan looked the more disciplined side of the two last night and they made it count.

The final slap in the face came in the 80th minute when a sweet volley from Muntari made it 2-0 to the hosts after some neat play by El Shaarawy to put Barcelona to the sword.

Allegri’s Milan certainly gave Barcelona a lesson last night and although the Blaugranas have it all to do at the Nou Camp, they are more than capable of fighting back and turning this one around.

Barca has to put behind them this game and put behind them any images of an A.C Milan team full of veterans. This new young Milan team has got it right and Allegri knows it so Jordi Roura had better do his homework for the second leg.

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