Andres Iniesta and his beautiful game against Getafe

Andres Iniesta
There is something that distinguishes Andres Iniesta from other players. The way he keeps his eye on the ball. While most players seem to waste a lot of time watching the ball in order to maintain its control, Iniesta employs just a few tenths of a second doing the same thing.

What makes Iniesta an outstanding player is that once he has the ball under his control, he lifts his head up, scans the space around him and decides whether to go with it, dribble with it, or give it to a teammate to take on and improve where he left off.

Proof of this is the huge game Iniesta had against Getafe – he completely mastered the game. Playing as midfielder seemed to accentuate his mastery of the game, with the ball seemingly being controlled remotely by some force other than Andrés with the ball latching on to his boots as if by magic. And he does all of this without any apparent effort just gliding across the pitch.

The fans at the Nou Camp accompanied his unique touches with oohs and ahhs and were mesmerized by Barca’s great magician. The ideal age for a footballer according to certain sources is usually around 28 years of age. Andres Iniesta is now 28 – thus confirming his maturity and excellence as a footballer.


In the first half of the Getafe game, Iniesta showed that football is not just about scoring goals. A fan can go wild with excitement when his/her team scores but Iniesta shows people other ways to get excited. His control of the ball is magical. The way he picks up the ball is just amazing.


Another aspect that has always been a part of Iniesta’s game is his goals assists. He is generous and with a privileged sense of the game as a whole, the midfielder captures an extraordinary panoramic view of teammates running off the ball thanks to his extraordinary ability to raise his head whilst running with the ball. Against Getafe he provided Alexis with a spectacular assist that slipped through the defense with pinpoint precision. It is his 15th assist of the season and his career best with four months of the season left!


It wasn’t necessary but Iniesta added the icing on the cake to his awesome game against Getafe. His goal was typical, scored with the inside of his boot.

Andrés Iniesta was chosen as the third best player in the world at the last Ballon d’Or awards behind Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and some believe it’s just a matter of time until he collects one for himself. Until that day comes, we’ll just have to continue enjoying the great football of Iniesta.

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