Barca receives the least amount of cards for fouls committed

Wednesday evening saw both Barcelona and Real Madrid receive the same number of yellow cards in the classico Copa del Rey semi final first leg with three cards each. However, there was a notable difference in the proportion of yellow cards given for the fouls committed by both sides.

Real Madrid received three yellows for a total of 19 fouls committed. On the other hand, Barcelona only committed five fouls and was shown the same amount of yellow cards. This is why the Catalan club launched some complaints with particular attention being drawn to the injustice of seeing so many cards for so few fouls committed.

Wednesday’s Copa del Rey clash was an exception, however. If we take as a reference the 21 league matches that have been played so far, Barcelona is the club who commits the least amount of fouls and who receives the least amount of cards.

It seems quite logical if we consider the type of ball possession and philosophy that the Barcelona club has been built on. With the ball possession overwhelmingly in Barca’s favor, it has less time to retrieve and get back the ball and make mistakes.

Highest average

However, Barca is also the team which is allowed to committ more fouls without seeing a card and heads the ranking if we compare the data. Barca’s average in receiving cards is around every 6.15 fouls committed – the highest of the 20 teams in La Liga.

Real Madrid on the other hand, comes in at fifth place with an average of 5.27 fouls for every yellow card shown. The last one on the list is Espanyol, whose players are reprimanded for every 3.86 fouls committed.

This is some interesting data which helps to dismantle the theory about the permissiveness the referees seem to have with other teams, although on Wednesday the difference was abismal and seemed to go in favour of the merengues.

FC Barcelona leads the overall ranking when it comes to fair play and is the team that has been shown the least amount of yellow cards. The majority of cards shown are given for actions such as tripping, pulling or shoving. The Barca squad is characterized by protesting very little to the referees.

And the proof is that they have only received three yellows.

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