Real Madrid upset with Messi’s behaviour both on and off pitch

The players from Real Madrid are upset by the Argentine’s behavior both on and off the pitch.

According to sources, most notably Marca, the Real Madrid squad is upset by Leo Messi’s behaviour both on and off the pitch. Wednesday’s semi final first leg Copa del Rey clash was the straw that broke the camel’s back to the point that Real Madrid midfielder Xabi Alonso rebuked the Argentinan on the pitch at the Santiago Bernabéu for some of his actions.

However, the problems on the pitch didn’t end up staying on the pitch, as it were. As reported and confirmed by both Marca and Punto Pelota, the four-time Ballon d’Or winner went down to the Bernabéu car park to find Real Madrid defender Alvaro after the game.

Messi insulted the Madrid defender by calling him “bobo” which means, fool in Spanish, amongst a string of other insults. Alvaro Arbeloa was apparently left dumbstruck and happened to be with his wife Carlota, who is pregnant. She also couldn’t believe what was going on and asked her husband what the problem was with Messi according to eyewitnesses. An employee of FC Barcelona had to intervene and take the Argentine to the coach where the rest of his Barca teammates were waiting.

Other Media such as TV channel La Sexta and online radio/web portal La Cope also reported an incident involving Messi with a member of Real Madrid – this time with Aitor Karanka.

According to the media, Messi turned to the number 2 coach and said:  “What are you looking at?  Shut up, you’re Mourinho’s puppet”.

FC Barcelona has been in contact with Marca to deny any incidents that Messi was said to be involved in.

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  1. Luke last be rialistic rmadrid player there behivor is too bad too bad,theway they play boll even in english i don’t see such a thing>takleing,they leve boll and keek there fellow player as iv is war, slaping mess fess which is not good such footboll is too bad 4 them.

  2. Ikechukwu says

    Messi right for he did bcs abealoa slap messi and Alonso do so. Ok se what essien did to jordi alba and take gøod look at Cr7 and alves its unfair madrid should stop that attitude even last season Pepe did the same thing Las diara

  3. Messi is a fool

  4. I luv Messi bt he disappointed me… Gosh!

  5. Ogundele Olukunle Peculiar says

    Madrid players has no manner

  6. God wil punish anybody who judges Messi wrong 4 it was glarin wen Alonso and Arbeloa tried and slapped him.If I were him,I cud av done more dan dat!

  7. d curse seed in d life of Mourhino is now being sowed and grown into d life of Madrid players.As if they owned there opponents’ life,why cud dey av don dat wen nt insane.

  8. Sunday guadiola says

    Messi is always right . Dont blem him . Both alb & alonso did terrible to him

  9. I’m a sports lover and I don’t like violent.I always watch these 2 giants play. But wat I saw is totally not sports its like I was watching war.Madrid defenders are very rough to Messi. So if Messi reacted off the pitch I don’t blame him.How dare can they try to slap him jees that’s ridiculous! I saw it happening.They must learn to play a fair game even if things r not going their way remember this is sports not war!!!!


  1. Información…

    Valora en According to sources, Leo Messi went down to the Santiago Bernabéu car park after Wednesday’s match to find Alvaro Arbeloa who he insulted by calling a fool among other things. Messi then had to be guided away by a member of…..