Cristiano Ronaldo’s tackle was a red card says Dani Alves

Dani Alves is not exactly a player who is lost for words. Alves was speaking about the game at the Santiago Benabéu last night and didn’t mince his words.

The wingback spoke about the alleged favorable treatment towards Real Madrid from the referee – especially to certain players. “I can’t understand how Cristiano’s tackle on me wasn’t a yellow card. If I made that tackle, it would have been red. But sending off Ronaldo wouldn’t have made sense in the clasico because then there would be no Messi and Ronaldo duel,” he said.

Alves also refused to comment on the attitude of Xabi Alonso and Arbeloa and pointed out: “it is not a new thing but has always existed.” But for me, what happens on the pitch stays on the pitch.”

We have witnessed a few “clasicos” without too much stress, but on Tuesday there seemed to be a few heated moments in the match. Alves believes that the games against Madrid are “only peaceful when they win.” They’ve always tried to play a little beyond the limit.” referring to Real Madrid.

The FC Barcelona wingback stated that there are people who should control that kind of behaviour, but if they don’t do so it’s because they are unprepared,” he said referring to the referees.

Alves feels that Barca let Real Madrid off the hook. “We had many opportunities and if we were a little more accurate, we would have come away with a comfortable win”. We came to score and we did, so now it will be decided in the second leg at the Nou Camp.”

Real Madrid celebrated the equalizer in front of the Catalans on the pitch at the Bernabéu, something that Dani Alves understands: “Any team that manages to not lose against Barca will be very pleased. With the goal occasions we had, they should be satisfied with a draw.”

The lost war against racism in Spain

Dani Alves again had to endure racist abuse at the Bernabéu. The Brazilian said that he wouldn’t have left the field and added that it’s not only at the Bernabeu – it’s in general. “People go to the stadiums to cheer on their team. There is no need for racist insults. Unfortunately we are fighting a lost battle, because until more drastic measures are taken, it will continue to exist,” he added.

For Alves, the solution is to “punish the club, but not with a fine of 1,000 or 2,000 euros. It should be taken further otherwise it will continue. In England, for example, it rarely happens. In Spain, there is no education in the football stadiums.”

Dani Alves looks like he’s returning to his best and gave us another glimpse of what he’s capable of at the Santiago Bernabéu. He said that he wants to give his very best to the team and added that from the start of the season he wanted to be at the same level as the rest of the team.

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