Has Jose Mourinho lost the X Factor?

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What’s happening to Jose Mourinho? This is something that not just Barcelona fans are asking but also fans from Real Madrid and all over the world.

It definitely seems that Mourinho has lost the X Factor and his state of mind is beginning to worry many people.

In the 90’s he was the late Bobby Robson’s interpreter at Sporting Lisbon, Porto and then Barca. Jose Mourinho then continued his stay at the Catalan club after Robson left and worked with Dutchman Louis Van Gaal.

He then started a few brief managerial spells with Portuguese clubs Benfica and União de Leiria and enjoyed some success.

In 2003 he won the Champions League with Porto and everyone started to take notice of the Portuguese showman. The following year, at the helm of Chelsea he won the Premier League and the League Cup in his first season. The following season he retained the League title and scooped an FA Cup title, too. In the 2006/7 season he won both the FA Cup and League cup and was runner up in the League. He often caused problems in the Premier League and left Chelsea in September 2007.

The following year in 2008 he joined Inter Milan and won the Supercopa Italiana and the Seria A League title. The 2009/10 season was particularly good for Mourinho as he did the treble with Inter winning the League, La Copa italia and the Champions League. He thus cemented himself in history as one of the greatest coaches ever and in 2010 picked up the FIFA Ballon d’Or Best Coach award to show for it.

This brings us to his spell at Real Madrid. In three years he has won just La Copa del Rey and a League title. Mourinho seems to be having a hard time in Spain and his attitude is getting worse. In the Premier League he came across as a laughable clown and a showman. Although he caused problems and had rifts with Wenger, Fergie and even Benitez, it was nothing compared to what the Portuguese manager has caused in Spain.

Jose Mourinho has a chip on his shoulder and it is called Barca. He cannot stomach Barcelona being better than Real Madrid. Don’t get me wrong; Real Madrid has an amazing team but it doesn’t work the way it should.

Mourinho has an inferiority complex and it has filtered down into the dressing room. How else can we explain the Clasico matches, which would not look out of place at Twickenham in London?

He has tried to cause division between Real Madrid and Barca on such a scale that Iker Casillas and Barca’s Xavi have had to step in and take matters into to their own hands much to the disapproval of Mourinho. Who can forget when Mourinho poked Tito Vilanova in the eye? Is that not the actions of somebody with a mental problem?

Just lately, Mourinho has chastised Casillas by leaving him on the bench in favour of Adán, Real’s number 2 keeper. At Real’s last game, what makes a trainer kick a ball down the player’s tunnel when they are winning 4-0? has Mourinho finally lost the plot?

Anyone can see what Mourinho’s up to. It’s obvious the Portuguese manager wants to jump ship and is trying every trick in the book. Taking off the Real Madrid captain was the last straw for many die-hard Mourinho fans.

Mourinho has lost the X Factor and he knows his time is almost up. He thought he was going to be the answer to Guardiola’s Barcelona and has failed miserably.

Real Madrid need to get rid of this rotten apple and move on, before it becomes too late. Madrid has always been a club of gentlemen with good manners and fine principles. All this has been lost in the wake of Jose Mourinho’s stay at the club.

What if there were something wrong with Mourinho, mentally? His behavior is not that of a person who is in his right mind. One of the best places to find out is the López Ibor Clinic in Madrid itself. Maybe Florentino could take a drive down there and pick up a pamphlet.

There is talk that Florentino would have to pay Mourinho 10Million Euros to leave. To relieve a great club like Real Madrid of further heartache – I would say it’s money well spent.

Where would Mourinho go after this pathetic episode at Madrid? Would he be welcomed back to the Premier League with open arms, even if he is The Special One? I think he would have to try France personally, at a club like PSG.

Would La Liga be able to survive without the antics of Jose Mourinho? I think it will and La Liga would settle down. Mourinho in his heyday in the Premier League was a real character, almost buffoon like, laughable. Alas, all that shine has now been lost and La Liga, Real Madrid and Barcelona are paying the high price of this has-been showman’s last stand.

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  1. The name calling against the special one is absurd and smack of th extreme hatred against a person in my opinion, dropping iker Casillas is not barcelona matter perse , can you simply name one thing that you feel within your right senses is your reason for this crash article, you did Sam tMhing to destroy Ronaldo ‘ image prior to th ballon dor, now th negativ publicity you are using again to pain Jose in bad light , unfortunately you cannot hoodwink everybody into accepting your logic because it is so blatantly laced with hate.

  2. You media are the ones putting everything in this way. Spain media are the worse in the world. The truth is that some fans are supporting Mourinho. Cassila will one day be missing. What are you going to do? Is that the time you will look at Adan? You are fools ….. What’s more if caseload get injured before the champions league? Come on guys watch out? Mourinho has finally get the best of Ronaldo who was having a problem with Spanish players who were not supporting him For the Ballon d’ or !!! You are foooooolsssssssss…..

  3. Let’s support the coach and stop all those negative comments. Infact why should medias speak on behalf of Perez who hired Mourinho. Perez has stated it clearly that he is in support of Mourinho. We all know that Mourinho can do the impossible. He cannot finish the season without any single silver wares. He will come out very strong come next . Infect we won the league last season, so we want th champions league this time, not the league. We don’t want to struggle like last season trying all and players were very tired.

  4. This is the biggest rubbish i’ve read in recent times.

  5. Truly,this article might have not gone down well on Madrid fans,but I must tell you that it describes all about Jose’s nonchallant attitudes.The truth must be said.It is so common of this self-tag coach calling himself ”The special One”.Whenever he discovers things do not want to surface as expected by him,he begins talking rubishIt is good to be vociferous,but when this is turning into another thing and you are cautioned by people around you,you have to see things from their views-you should not be self-reliant!Such is not the case of Jose who constantly criticises the national media.

  6. Benjamin (Adjutant) says

    Mourinho has lost all his pride, confidence, character and mutual respect for others. He is as good as being fired but everybody understands Perez’s plight. The 10 million euro clause in his (Mourinho’s) contract!

  7. To the fans who think this article is trash, think again. This Mourinho came to Spain with a record of not losing a game at home for 9 years. Since losing at home to la Preciado’s team Madrid has lost a few more. With the team Madrid have and the money spent, they should be a threat to all other teams in Spain and Europe. However, they are strugling to beat lower teams. They are third in La liga the league is gone already mid season. Don’t claim you are losing surrendering La liga so that you can win Champions league. Madrid were not convincing in group stage finishing behind Dortmund. Imagine what would have happened if Man city had held on for a deserved point at the Bernaber. They face Man U next a tough draw. They only convinced against Ajax in the group stage. How can you be so sure that you will champions league which you last won 10 years ago. Mourinho seams to lack managerial tactics we thought he had and depends more on having good players. The players were over worked to win la liga last year. It also coincided with Barca’s injuries and loss of form to key players. How would you rate Madrid wining only 1 league in five years to Barcas 4 (Assuming Barca wins current seaon)? If Madrid are hungry for champions league, they must show. Don’t forget that if Barca run away with the league, they will have room to rest players for crucial champions league gameswhile Madrid will not trying to fend off competition for champions league places from the likes of Malaga and Levante.

  8. Mourinho is a clown, he lacks behind technically and tactically. I stronglly believe that he has learnt a lesson: that F.c Barcelona is not a club you brag of dethroning without hard-work, team unity and dedication becos their success nas been built over the years. I think he needs to go back to a coaching school probably study new tactics and techniques cos his is outdated. Up FCB…..

  9. Mourinho is going 2 leav madrid, just bcos of his departure at d club.

  10. I’m a fan of Juve in italy to be frank and sincere to you, if you didn’t allow Mourinho to leave he will create division between the spanish teams and players. Rem hin at in when he cause trouble with ancelotti and the gentle man Maldini. The man had a mental problem, i believe.


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