World Cup would be icing on cake for Leo Messi

leo messi receives the ballon d'or

Barcelona’s Leo Messi has stated that the icing on the cake and the only thing really missing from his glittering career is winning the World Cup with his country, Argentina.

On Monday night in Switzerland Lionel Messi made history again by winning his fourth FIFA Ballon d’Or – an unprecedented feat.

He would also be hailed as the world’s greatest player if he manages to lift the World Cup with Argentina in the 2014 World Cup hosted by Brazil. This is the prize that Messi covets most.

With so many winners’ medals and football awards to his name, the 25 year-old Argentine maestro readily concedes that he would gladly swap any of his Ballon d’Or awards for football’s greatest prize – a World Cup winner’s medal.

“Winning the World Cup is what is missing. The truth is, yes, I would swap a Ballon D’Or for the World Cup and I’ve always felt like that. Nothing compares with being world champion,” Said Messi.

He went on: “I want to achieve things with Barcelona and with my country, which I’ve always said is my dream.”

Leo Messi made footballing history when he managed to notch up 91 goals for both club and country thus beating Gerd Müller’s long-standing goal scoring record for one calendar year.

Cristiano Ronaldo was runner up to Messi while Barcelona teammate Andrés Iniesta, who shone at the Euro 2012 Championships with Spain was third.

The Argentine managed an amazing 50 goals in the Spanish league and set another new record by becoming the first player to ever score 5 goals in a Champions League match. This he did against German outfit Bayer Leverkusen in a majestic 7-1 thrashing.

Leo went on to point out: “It makes me so happy that many important people talk well of me.

“Each year my objective is to grow, not to stay with what I have. As for what I don’t know, I want to try and learn and get better.”

People back in Argentina are expecting both Messi and his country to deliver the goods and with only 18 months to go, the pressure is mounting. Strangely though, while Messi enjoys good press and hero status in Europe, his country is another matter where he has had to face fierce critiscm.

When Argentina lost out to Uruguay 18 months ago on penalties in the quarter finals of the Copa America in Argentina, things looked bad for Messi and the team. After the ridiculing of his country, Messi called for unity and since then Argentina’s fortunes have begun to turn around. They currently sit top of their group in the South American qualifiers and in 2012 did not lose a game.

The 25 year old added: “Last year I was welcomed back home in a spectacular way because the people are now behind the national team.

“It had been a long time that this chemistry had been lost and I am happy we finished the year so well.”

“We know we are on the right track but we need to continue growing as a team.”

On Monday night in Switzerland Messi dedicated his 4th Ballon D’Or award to Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova and teammate Eric Abidal.

Tito was back on Sunday to witness the 4-0 trouncing of Espanyol in the Catalan derby game while left-back Abidal is back in training after a liver operation last year.

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