Frank Rijkaard: “There’s no magic formula to beat Barca”

ex barca coach frank rijkaard
Frank Rijkaard knows only too well the philosophy that his former club Barcelona lives by and the rivalry with Real Madrid. In an interview with the official FIFA website, Rijkaard gave an analysis of the two greats of Spanish football.

He said: “There is no magic formula to beat Barca. Some of the teams that have been successful against Barcelona have based their success on a very organized and disciplined defense. Both Inter Milan and Chelsea have eliminated Barca from the Champions League, and then there’s Real Madrid.”

“You could even call it Jose Mourinho’s recipe for success, which comes from spell at London club Chelsea. If you use the system ten times against Barcelona, you’ll beat them just once, as it does not guarantee success,” he added.

Rijkaard, who enjoyed his time as coach on the Barca bench added: “I have wonderful memories. Yes, I had success, but all that was achieved was by the collective effort of the players. I suppose I had a good relationship with the players because we won two La Liga titles and Champions League title.

The key to all this is the Barcelona youth system which the club has counted on for years.”

Regarding the FIFA Ballon d’Or, Frank Rijkaard didn’t mince his words: “I’m going with Leo because he is the best of the three finalists and has played outstandingly this year.”

The Dutchman defines the Argentine star like this: “Messi is an amazing person. He is not only a player with a unique talent but is also very smart and mentally very strong – his dedication is outstanding.

I love watching him play and I am deeply proud of him and what he has achieved. To put it plainly, he’s simply the best “.

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  1. Frank Joe says

    For me, the perfect word to describe these Barcelona squad is ‘perfect’. But they are so humble, especially Iniesta, to point out that there’s nothing as a perfect player or team. Truly, these players are just a perfect match for themselves and coaches are yet to discover a positive and consistent formula to defeat them.


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    Valora en Ex Barcelona coach Dutchman Frank Rijkaard has said in an interview with the official FIFA website that there is no magic formula to beat the Catalan club. Rijkaard, who enjoyed some great years at the club says his favourite…..