Is Barca suffering from “Messi dependence?”

is barca suffering from messi independence

FC Barcelona is determined to ensure that the team does not suffer “Messi dependence” apart from acknowledging that the Argentine’s goals have been key to the success that the club is experiencing in all competitions this season. Messi is so important to the club that if you take the sum of his goals, it’s more than the total of many top teams in Europe.

The 24 goals that Messi has scored in 16 league games so far this season have been an insuperable figure for 15 teams in Spain, 12 in the Premier League, 10 in the Bundesliga, 11 in Italy and 13 in the Ligue in France.

Therefore, to put those figures into perspective, counting the five major leagues (England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France), only 37 teams have managed to score 24 goals or more, which totals up to around 35%, as these five championships combine a total of 98 teams.

It is significant, especially if we limit the comparisons to just the Spanish league, since only the teams that occupy the first five positions are able to exceed Leo Messi’s tally of goals. Only Real Madrid (39), Atletico Madrid (36), Malaga and Betis (25) have been able to score more goals than the Argentine who seems to be on a mission to break all current and future records at the moment!

We should keep in mind that Leo Messi has also scored his sixth brace of goals in six consecutive matches to take him to a total of 89 goals for this year, surpassing the previous record of legendary Gerd Müller, who scored 85 goals in 1972 with his club Bayern Munich and the German national side

Messi’s continued appearances have earned him the recognition of great figures in the history of football such as ex Spain coach Luis Aragonés and Colombian Carlos Valderrama who were both interviewed yesterday at The Xarxa radio station.

“Messi is a goal scorer. When Atletico Madrid lowered their guard, Messi popped up because he has it all: both scoring and passing abilities. He always appears. He has an exceptional football mind and a privileged technique,” said Aragonés.

Valderrama added: “Messi is from another planet. We just hope that he continues to enjoy himself and giving us joy. He deserves the FIFA Ballon d’Or. Those who are competing with him will have to wait until Messi retires from football. Cristiano Ronaldo is a great player but while Messi is around it will be very difficult for a player to win the Ballon d’Or.”

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