David Villa and Dani Alves to leave Barca?

david villa and dani alves could leave barcelona

The future of David Villa and Dani Alves are looking more and more uncertain at the Nou Camp. Both players have lost their first team place, which was not even questionable just a year ago and these circumstances are making both players rethink their future. The situation may change between now and the end of the season, but it’s not looking good at the moment. David Villa has not quite convinced Tito Vilanova, who is currently only playing him in matches that are less important for the club.
The competition is huge at Barca, not only with the forwards, but also with the midfielders. Cesc’s current excellent form is making Vilanova push Iniesta out into Villa’s role.

As for Dani Alves, he has also lost his first team place at right back and just like Villa, the coach has decided to play him in games where Barcelona has little or nothing to lose. Montoya is coming through the ranks and is a serious warning to Alves. And it’s not just Montoya; Adriano has also been fighting for the same positon in recent games. Alves’ compatriot is very impressive as is his contribution in defensive and offensive positions. Adriano also has five goals to his name this season, too

Villa’s mind is set on the World Cup

Villa is a reference for the Spanish national side. He’s the top scorer in their history and after missing the Euro 2012 Championship through injury; he doesn’t want to miss the next World Cup. And for that, David Villa needs to play and at the moment Barcelona is not providing the much needed continuity.

Vicente del Bosque counts on Villa and gives him minutes but all that could change if he doesn’t play much at club level. It’s exactly the same with Dani Alves. He wants to play in the World Cup, which Brazil is hosting – something of utmost importance to any Brazilian footballer. And if he does not play, his chances of leaving Barca increase drastically.

Too many injuries last year

For both players, 2012 is about to end and it has been the worst of their careers as far as injuries and fitness levels are concerned. Villa was injured during the last Club World Cup. He hasn’t fully recovered yet according to Vilanova who is always insisting that Villa needs more time to reach his peek again.

Alves is going from injury to injury at the moment when the player really hasn’t been injured at all throughout his career. His family situation is not helping him and his lack of minutes on the pitch because of the above reasons are being are snapped up by fellow teammates. Quite the opposite is happening with Adriano, who, since last year is following some strict dietary guidelines, has lost weight and has overcome his muscle weakness. Although to be fair, he has suffered the odd injury.

Barca does not intend to put Villa on the market

The club will not push Villa to leave Barcelona and they will not put the Spaniard on the transfer market. In this case, the player will surely take the iniciative and David Villa has made it very clear that if he does not play what he considers “sufficient”, then he will sit down with Vilanova and Zubizarreta and seek a solution in the form of a transfer. And there are clubs lining up to take on Villa. In case Villa asks to leave Barca, the club will not put too many obstacles in his way and will make it easy for him to leave.We have to bear in mind that that the club is not interested having one of the highest paid footballers in the squad sitting on the bench as Villa earns around 6 million euros per year, about the same as Xavi Hernandez or Andres Iniesta.

Barca thought of letting Alves go last summer

The situation with Alves is different. The club thought of letting the Brazilian go at the end of last season. Guardiola did not count on Alves after having had many discussions during the final stretch of last season about tactical issues. Some of these discussions, after the match against Betis for example were made public. Barcelona is also fully aware of the footballer’s personal situation, which could precipitate his departure at the end of the season if he doesn’t change his attitude.

Selling Villa and Alves would benefit the club economically

Although Villa and Alves have lost their first team places, they still have a great market potential. They have won everything with Barcelona whilst being a fundamental part of the team. In the case of Villa, his international team status would most certainly grant him the privilege of playing for whomever he wants. If Barcelona decides to sell, they could recoup some of the investment made in the two signings.

Dani Alves, who signed in 2008-09 and cost €32Million euros has already been paid for. Any money that Barca gets for the player would be pure profit and this summer, Russian outfit Anzhi were prepared to pay big money for him.

David Villa still has a year and a half left on his contract which would leave around €15 million outstanding (Villa cost €40Million). The Spaniard has a big following in England and Italy and Juventus tried to strengthen their squad this summer and held meetings with Villa’s agent. If FC Barcelona decides to let these two players go, it could mean the start of a few new faces, beginning with Neymar.

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  1. Prince opoku buckman says

    Go for neymar but pls dnt sell de 2 players??

  2. Villa and Alves should not be sold at all because Barca still needs them in some time to come,particularly when playing against big teams in Liga and Uefa.Pls Neymar should be bought at all cost.I can wait to see his partnership with Messi!


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