Samuel Eto’o: Messi is a god

lionel messi is a god says eto'o

It’s been quite a while since ex Barca star Samuel Eto’o appeared in public and spoke to the press about his past at Barcelona and his present situation and future as a player at his club Anzhi.

The Cameroon international spoke about Leo Messi and his record on Russian television: “Messi is a God, and even more so as a person. I met him when he was a young kid and I’ve watched him grow up. He deserves everything he gets. I hope he gets to win the World Cup with his country, Argentina one day. It’s something that is out there waiting, but I hope the gods bless and open the doors for him to win it. He’s a great kid and I only wish the best for him.”

Eto’o also shared the dressing room with Ronaldinho: “He’s a real genius and not only as a player. Ronnie has a great smile. When he smiled you knew something was about to happen! He would say to me: ‘How are you negro, okay? We are going to win'”.

Of course, Samuel Eto’o has his own favorites for the FIFA Ballon d’Or award: “For me, the three best players in the world are Ronaldinho, Iniesta and Messi. But I’ve only given three names because I can’t give anymore. If I could have named more, I would also have named Xavi, Puyol and Victor Valdes”.

Eto’o has played in the two greatest sides in Spain: “In Barca or Madrid it’s easy to be successful, because you’re surrounded by the very best. It’s more difficult to be successful at Mallorca or Anzhi. When I arrived at Barca, I was already a player but I had to demonstrate whether or not I had the personality to be there. ”

Samuel Eto’o also talked about his relationship with ex Barca coach Pep Guardiola: “Now, whenever I meet up with Guardiola, who used to always talk straight with me, we can talk calmly and without any problems because we are both part of the Barca family”.

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  1. Festus Olawale Joice says

    Nice talk Dude.

  2. godfrey obeng-anim says

    God bless you Samuel Eto for for the amazing words concerning Messi and barcalona

  3. Samson Temitope says

    Good report abt barca and Messi 4rm Etoo. Why people are now saying jargons.

  4. Thats good Eto,o

  5. Sylvester Saletti says

    The true is been said by Eto’o.The fact about the matter is people do not want to speak the true.


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