Leo Messi is made of rubber

leo messi is made of rubber

Leo Messi seems to be breaking records every other day now and although it has to do with the fact that he’s not only the best in the world, it is the speed in which he is devouring them along with the fact that he doesn’t hardly ever get injured.
The last serious injury that the Barca star suffered was an incredible four seasons ago. It happened in a Champions League match against Celtic on 4th March 2008. The striker suffered a hamstring injury of the femoral biceps tendon of his left leg and left the field in tears. He spent six weeks out of action and returned to face Manchester United in the Champions League, who knocked Barça out of the competition.

A few months earlier in December 2007, Messi suffered the same injury in a league match against Valencia at the Mestalla stadium, and spent a month and a half without playing. His most serious injury to date was in 2006 during a Barcelona vs Zaragoza clash and broke the fifth metatarsal in his left foot and had to be sidelined for three long months. The injuries that seemed to pursue the player in his first season at Barcelona became part of history with the arrival of Pep Guardiola.

The Barca coach revolutionised the eating habits of the squad. He imposed a rule that the players eat at the Barcelona training ground after morning workouts and the players also began to receive advice from nutritionists. The changes also came into effect on the training ground when Guardiola brought in a team of physiotherapists that he confided in and they put into action a plan that was specially devised for his squad. It became clear as a day that the new methods were working, as Messi didn’t get injured again.


The stamping on by Athletic Madrid’s Tomás Ujfalusi

The only setbacks Messi suffered during Guardiola’s reign including his latest injury against Benfica, was on 19th September 2010, two years ago. And it had nothing to do with a hamstring injury. It was due to a hard tackle from Czech Tomás Ujfalusi in a clash at the Vicente Calderon stadium against Athletic Madrid. Messi came off with very swollen ankle and everyone feared the worst. It was then Messi seemed to be made of rubber. He just had a loosening of the lateral ligaments of his right ankle joint and in 10 days he would be on his feet scoring goals again.

Until now, this season, Messi has not suffered any injury setbacks. Despite the danger of playing every match, muscle fatigue, the long trips when he plays for his country, the Argentine has only missed the Copa de Rey games against Alavés and was a substitute against Getafe.

Despite the obvious scare at the Benfica game, it seems that Tito Vilanova will count on him for the Betis match on Sunday. He underwent medical tests after the Benfica game and again yesterday, which ruled out any possible injury. It was just a knock. Tito will leave it in the hands of the player to decide if he feels up to the challenge or not.

Yesterday he was in the gym in Barcelona’s training ground and has the day off today as do the rest of the squad. It will be tomorrow when Messi decides along with doctors and Tito Vilanova if he is able to travel on Sunday morning for the Betis game.

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  1. I want tito to rest messi on sunday

  2. No one like messi i love u so much.

  3. i thank God, for everything. but Tito realy finished MESSI. But all the same GOD IS IN CONTROL.

  4. Messi is a player God made with a special elastic materials. If not, how he twists his body wouldn’t have been impossible! It’s obvious that he’d be given injury from the first second on the pitch against Benfica as defenders and midfielders alike were going for his legs. If he was destined to break the goal scoring record, he’d surely break it.

  5. thomas tayo says

    If possible Leo messi should rest for sunday’s match i think that will be better for him to regain his strength fully because will really need him for other matchies $ as a barca fan i dnt want any serious injury but if the doctor say’s leo his fit for tomorow’s match so be it. Barca 4 life

  6. It now that we know messi is a robbot.

  7. alicha peter says

    leo messi is a divine human from god to fc barcelona. everything about him is incredible. his goal scoring, his run, his ability, and his stature. whenever I see messi I appreciate god the more.

  8. Lionel messi is 4rm another planet bcus is not playing like a human being i can see people playing like ronaldo iniesta drogba rooney xavi in the street but i can’t see anybody playing like him, I tink is a magician.


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