Barcelona’s wing-backs are just the tops

barcelona wing backs making history

This season, FC Barcelona has possibly the best ever side of all its recent history. At least as far as scoring power goes anyway. The fantastic effort and contribution that Barca’s wingers who are playing in the defensive zone is quite remarkable. Between them we have seen seven goals this season so far and if we count Puyol’s goal that makes it eight – but he played as a central defender.

If we compare the current team to past seasons since the fabled Dream Team era, none of them come close to this team. And it’s since the Dream Team that Barcelona as a club has been the most prolific at winning titles. This is just taking into account the first 12 league games of the current season, a cup game and five European competition matches.

The wing-backs of Johan Cruyff’s team scored four goals between them in the 90-91 and 95-96 seasons respectively. Cruyff won four consecutive league titles and one European Cup. Those who scored were Sergi (2) , Albert Ferrer and Carreras with one apiece.

In the Van Gaal era of 4 seasons, only Zenden (2) and Fernando Navarro scored goals and we see similar numbers when fellow Dutchman Frank Rijkaard, who led the Catalan side from the 2003/4 season to the 2007/8 season. Rijkaard managed to get out of his wingbacks four goals in five seasons thanks to Gio (3) and Sylvinho.


Barca’s three months of records

If we take into account Guardiola’s 4 seasons as manager, Dani Alves scored 6 goals; Maxwell and Adriano scored a goal apiece, making a total of eight. Tito Vilanova’s Barca has scored an amazing seven goals in just three months of league and European competition.

Adriano, who is injured at the moment, has scored three goals. Valencia signing, Jordi Alba, has also racked up three to which we must add last Tuesday’s goal by Dani alves against spartak Moscow.

All the goals have been important to Barcelona. For example, all three of Adriano’s goals have served to open up the scoring for Barca and which earned his team three points against Valencia.

Jordi Alba opened the scoring against Deportivo and earned the club a win against Celtic in the third round of the group stage of the Champions League in extra time.

Barcelona travel to Valencia to meet Levante tomorrow (Sunday) and will be looking to put more points between themselves and Real Madrid. Levante will be no pushover though and will be looking to take a point or three from Tito’s team especially as they are playing at home. Kick-off is on Sunday at 15:30 E.T.

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    Valora en FC Barcelona’s wing-backs in the form of Dani Alves, Jordi Alba and Adriano are writing Tito Vilanova’s team into the history books with their prolific scoring. Between them they have managed to score seven goals in just eigh…