Rosell views Messi’s continuity a priority

FC Barcelona president Sandro Rosell has made it clear that he wants Argentine Leo Messi to continue at the club and therefore wants to guarantee his continuity by getting him to extend his stay.

The president is not in a hurry to get Messi’s signature but he has made it a top priority for the club. Along with the Argentine, Rosell has also mentioned Barca greats Xavi and Puyol, who he would also like to extend their contracts with the Catalan giants.

La Pulga or Messi, still has four seasons to go until he renews his contract at the club in 2016 but Rosell has made it clear that he wants Messi to hang his boots up or retire with the Catalan club.

This is what any manager or club president would like but whether he gets his wish would be another matter.

“There’s no hurry. It could be tomorrow or it could be next year. We will ensure the continuity of Leo for the next term. It would be irresponsible if we decided not lengthen his contract or not follow up, but we will continue if all goes well,” he said in an interview in The Periódico de Catalunya newspaper.

The president also addressed other issues such as the latest controversy which has arisen in which the club and its board have been accused of politics behind the decision to make a mosaic in the Camp Nou with the Catalan flag or La Senyera. “I do not understand how anyone can be offended because Barca made a mosaic of la senyera flag. There are ikurriñas (Basque flags) in Bilbao and they do not offend us and there are Spanish flags in Madrid” he explained. Although he pointed out: “Politics would have been to make a mosaic out of the Catalan independence flag”.

Rosell, talking about the Camp Nou said: “The decision of the Camp Nou will mark the next hundred years,” referring to the work of Tito Vilanova, he went on: “Excellent, as if he had done it all his life. He has very clear ideas and goes straight to the point. I only have great things to say about Tito because replacing a legend like Guardiola is not easy. “And finally, he had some words about Eric Abidal: “If Abidal played for Barca again that would be fantastic”.

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